On the 11-12th December AMCA Motocross will be racing across Skegness beach

This two day event will have members from the AMCA Motocross Association roaring across the Skegness beach, it all kicks off on Saturday 11th December the only information I have on when it starts is Daytime between tides which doesn’t help much I know (Sorry it’s not me who plans these things)

I don’t know when it starts or finishes, What I can tell you because I found a video online is that it will be on the main Beach.

I’m looking Forward to Seeing the AMCA Motocross on Skegness, I’ve been looking at some videos of other AMCA Races around the country and it looks pretty cool.

I hope a lot of bike turn up for the Winter Festival AMCA Motocross Event.

Apparently it’s going to take four days prior to the AMCA Motocross race to prepare Skegness beach for the two day Skegness winter festival event

Hopefully if all goes well we will be going and I will take some video and write a review after December the 11-12th.

It’s the first time Skegness has held the AMCA Motocross races on Skegness beach, so I don’t know yet until I’ve gone how good it’s going to be, but I’d wager the AMCA Races is a good reason to come to Skegness this winter, looks like it could be a good two days of fun.

It’ll be cold on Skegness beach front so come wrapped up warm.