The AMCA Beach Race will take place in Skegness on the 12 -13th November 2011

Race Formats:


10:30am – MX2 YOUTH (18 and under) – ONE HOUR

12:00pm – QUADS & SIDECARS (16years +) – TWO HOURS

14:30pm – KIDS 85cc/150Fcc (9-15years) – ONE HOUR



The AMCA Skegness Beach Races will take place between tide times.

We went to the Skegness AMCA Beach Race last year it was OK, nothing more than that.

I live in a family of men, I’m the only female in the house hold and my hubby and teenage son was bored within 15 minutes of watching the AMCA Beach Race, there wasn’t anything for spectators to do other than watch other people having fun, which is not our scene we prefer to join in and need a little more than watching bikes go round in circles to amuse us :).

I have to say it was rather tame, not what I was expecting at all.

I guess for the people taking part it was fun, but from this spectators point of view it was pretty boring, I was expecting wheelies, crashes and stunts, but it was just a sandy track the AMCA bikers went around, they had made some big sandy hill, but even on these the bikers went over them carefully so there wasn’t any bikes flying through the air.

Believe it or not I was the one that got the most out of going to the Skegness AMCA beach Race in 2010, I’m into photography and so I was at least challenged into getting some good action shot of the riders, my son and hubby stood around bored out of the mind for well over 1 1/2 hours. They do love me, thanks guys :)

Would I say the AMCA Beach Race is a Skegness event to come to Skegness for in the middle of winter? NO unfortunately, not if your not into bike racing, if you love the AMCA then yes, but the AMCA Beach Race isn’t an event that covers a variety of visitors, I would say if your here in Skegness anyway go have a look, but I personally would not come to Skegness just to see the AMCA beach race at Skegness.

My advice go to the Skegness Stadium, they have races all year round and your guaranteed fun, excitement and thrills as a spectator. Skegness stadium has it all crashes, spinning wheels, stunts, near misses, caravans exploding into a thousand tiny splinters, spell of burning tyres and a great atmosphere.

Skegness Stadium is fast paced and even for people like us who aren’t really into this sort of thing your guaranteed and action packed evening for hours.

Now that’s a Skegness event to see, a great night of family fun, we absolutely love Skegness Stadium.

It was stated that thousands attended the Skegness AMCA beach race, a figure of 14,000 has been quoted, don’t make me laugh, LOL, officials do like to exaggerate :) I would say more like 1,400 people over the 2 days would be IMO more like it.

The beach when we went had a couple of hundred at best and I was there for over 1 1/2 hours, I would say the bulk of the spectators was family and support crew of the riders, but where they got a figure of 14,000?

We had no problems watching the AMCA Beach Race up close against the railings on the beach, even on the video (not mine) I included there on this review there are no big crowds watching, there was plenty of space, the other side of the beach (passed the pier going towards north parade) was empty, no one was there.

The pier had quite a few people on it when we went it was the best place to watch the AMCA racing, but I would say it was around 70 – 100 people when we went, again we got a good spot at the front and there was plenty of room.

I’ve looked at my own photographs of the AMCA beach race in Skegness and at other peoples photographs took at a different time to when I went and the beach on all of them isn’t packed with 14,000 people, I’ve seen 14,000 people in Skegness and the place is humming, you can’t move or go anywhere without having to dodge bodies.

There is only 22,000 residence in the Skegness area which included ingoldmells and surrounding villages, since the AMCA took place in winter visitor numbers are low, 14,000 people is more visitors than the SO Festival got in 2009 when the beach was packed from the RNLI Life Boat Station to the Skegness Pier and that was only estimated to be 8,000 people.

The AMCA takes up the whole of the beach and only the concrete paths and the pier is available for spectators, 14,000 people wouldn’t fit with that little space.

It was stated that there would be entertainment for spectators, but there was nothing for spectators to do other than watch the Skegness AMCA beach racers, which was far from exciting.

There was a small number of stalls down Tower Esplanade but they were only selling stuff for the bikers – gloves, jackets etc….

I will probably go down into Skegness during the AMCA beach race in Skegness 2011 just because I live here and to take some photographs, but I will be going alone since the men in my male dominated house didn’t like the event and don’t want to go again.

Skegness Attractions Star Rating 3/10 Stars (my hubby gave the AMCA Skegness Beach Race a 2/10 :))