The Vine Walk is a tranquil wooded footpath walk.

The Vine is one of the best short walks in Skegness there’s lots of birds and squirrels in the Vine and a playing field where you can play ball games

Vine Walk

The Vine Walk starts from Richmond Drive and finishes on Drummond Road just off the beach.

Once your on the Walk you can’t get lost, just stay on the path. The vine is sign posted all the way along, so there’s no fear of not knowing where to go.

The Vine Walk takes 30-45 mins to walk through.

To start the Vine Walk keep going up Richmond Drive passed Tescos and Richmond Primary school until you get to a path that says public footpath and a billboard advertising the Vine Hotel opposite Richmond caravan park, follow the foot paths all the way through to Drummond road, from there you can either cross the road and walk straight up to the Skegness beach or turn left and walk down Drummond Road towards Tower Cinema.

Vine Walk messing around

The walk is straight forward and is paved all the way through. there are a couple of quiet roads to cross, all you do is cross the road and continue the walk that will be straight in front of you there’s public foot path signs all the way along the Vine.

The Vine walk is a lovely place to take the kids, there’s lots of squirrels to spot as well as little birds to listen to singing in the trees, we’ve seen tree creepers, finches and tits (not the female kind :-)) there are lots of variety of trees and wild flowers at different times of year litter the undergrowth as well as fungi in autumn.

Vine Walk Squirrel

The playing field can be found at the start of the Vine Walk off Richmond drive, follow the path until the path widens out and there is a cluster of tree behind these trees there is a playing field, usually there is people playing on it, so you should be able to hear where the field is. if you still can’t find it there is always dog walkers who are happy to help if you ask.

Vine Walk Path

The Vine is a hidden away gem and you wont be disappointed if you give it a go when you visit Skegness.

Vine Walk Wild Flowers

Skegness Attractions Star Rating for The Vine Walk 8/10