Skegness Tower Gardens is the only recreational grounds in Skegness, it has three/four playing fields one main grass area with smaller fields where ball games can be played.

The park is a beautiful scenic place to have a picnic or sit and enjoy some peace and quiet either on the grass areas or under one of the many trees that’s in Tower Gardens.

Tower Gardens Pond

If you have little ones you can feed the ducks on the pond or let them play in the kiddies play area. Tower Gardens small kiddies play ground is for children aged 0-12, for older children there is a small assault course this could do with being updated and improved, but it’s OK for the older kids to let of a bit of steam for a few minutes. I often race my kids on the assault course :-)

Dogs are allowed on Tower Gardens, but must be kept on a lead at all times on the park and dog mess has to be picked up or there’s a £2,000 fine. Please don’t leave your dog mess on Tower Gardens it’s disgusting and says more about you than you think :-(

Toilets are available on Tower Gardens, like all public toilets in Skegness there is a 20p charge to use the loo, the toilets are very clean and well looked after.

Tower Gardens Inn on The Park Photograph

There used to be a pub on Tower Gardens called Inn on The Park, but it has been disused for many years. The town council have won back the right to own the Inn and they plan to turn it into a Museum or Tea Room, but no date for work to begin or decision as to what it will be used for has been finalised as yet. Hopefully the Inn On the Park will be turned into a new attraction for Skegness and something useful for visitors and the community of Skegness.

Hiding Rabbit

Tower Gardens has a band stand, brass bands play between May-September, usually on a weekend except in the school holidays when it can also be some week days. It’s nice to listen to brass bands on a summers afternoon, but it would be nice if once in a while East Lindsey County Council would arrange for other bands of different musical prowess to play at Tower Gardens, so people with other tastes could enjoy a free afternoon or evening listening to music, unfortunately brass bands and the odd Jazz band is all you get at Tower Gardens all right for older folks, or a quick listen with the kids, but it is hard to get children enthusiastic about listening to a brass band.

Tower Gardens Mini Waterfall

Tower Gardens does have a problem with rubbish and is very unsightly at times, particularly on benches and in the middle of the playing fields were people have had a picnic and just left behind their trash! The pond is the biggest problem since the wildlife suffers immensely from the rubbish irresponsible people leave behind that blows into the pond.

Tower Gardens Squirrel

People drinking alcohol on Tower Gardens is also a menace since glass bottles get smashed and it is a danger for small children and dogs, delicate paw pads. Skegness has a no alcohol on the street policy, so if you are caught with cans or bottles of alcohol you will lose them and be fined.

Tower Gardens Flying Duck

Please when visiting Tower Gardens dispose of your rubbish properly, there are plenty of bins in Skegness and teach your kids to look after their environment. There’s so much rubbish on Tower Gardens the cleaners can’t keep up :-(

Tower Gardens Frog
Tower Gardens Fish

There’s all kinds of wildlife to be seen on Tower Gardens. Wild rabbits, grey squirrels and frogs (we almost trod on a frog the other week!) are some of the wildlife we’ve seen as well as Skegness feathered friends. I’ve never seen so many turtle neck doves, blackbirds and wood pigeons as there are in Skegness. My favorites have to be the finches, if you sit quietly and long enough at the side of the pond you’ll see a rare glimpse of gold finches and green finches flying down from the trees to have a drink on a hot summers day.

Tower Garden Events

Other events are held at Tower Gardens like various Gala’s, but our experience of this is that they are very poor with no effort put into events. It doesn’t matter what they call them: gala, festival or fair, whether it is a charity event or council run, they all follow the same format and they’re awful! All we ever get is an handful of stalls selling what looks like old stuff from peoples garages or junk they picked up at a car boot sales. There’s rarely any games or activities at these Tower Garden events for the family to play.

Tower Gardens

Unfortunately Tower Gardens event are not worth coming to Skegness for, if you do you’ll go home disappointed, both Skegness Town Council and East Lindsey County Council don’t know how to run a good event in Skegness :-(

Tower Gardens Duck

Don’t go to Tower Gardens for the events, go because it’s a tranquil environment and a nice place to take the family in Skegness.

Map of Skegness Tower Gardens

Tower Gardens can be access from Grande Parade and Rutland Road.

Skegness Attractions Verdict: Tower Gardens is a very nice park to chill for an hour or two when you visit Skegness, highly recommended.

Skegness Attractions Star Rating for Tower Gardens 9/10