Skegness Stadium has to be the best Bonfire Night you’ll ever experience in Skegness.

We went and had a blast, You don’t just get a great fireworks display on the bonfire night bonanza at the Skegness Stadium, we also got to see banger racing, cars flying over a ramp, and caravan destruction.

Most thrilling had to be the cars hurtling over a ramp there was sparks every where as the Bangers launched themselves into the air with crashes and bangs it was very exciting to watch as they slipped and slid on an oil spill around the corner.

The Fireworks display was exceptional really beautiful the display was let off to the sound of classical music which I liked.
Then came the Caravan Destruction, tit was the first time we’d ever seen one of these an it was awesome, splintered wood flying around the track as cars chase one another down to smash each others caravans to pieces, tiers screeching as they zoom round the corners their caravan unable to keep up with the pace and disintegrating on the tarmac.

If your in Skegness during Bonfire Night season I would highly recommend you go to the Skegness Stadium for a good family night out celebrating Bonfire Night.

Skegness Attractions Star Rating for Skegness Stadiums Bonfire Night Bonanza: 9/10