Comment on Skegness SO Festival 2011 – Whats On by Skeggy Resident.

Since my hubby brought this to their attention on FaceBook they have changed the date from the 24th to the 25th July, but they haven’t changed the rest their still claiming Bill Wyman is part of the SO Festival.

Their trying to fob it off claiming it was an accident, but they have done this kind of thing before in promotions distributed to the public.

The wording speaks for itself in this case – ‘Rock legend Bill Wyman will bring the festival curtain down when he performs at the Embassy Centre.’

If an act wasn’t book specifically for the SO Festival it should not be claimed it was.

Trying to disassociate yourself from your own action by hiding behind it was an accident is unprofessional, ‘what’s the harm’ seems to be the approach, but it could be catastrophic for people who buy expensive tickets to see Bill Wyman and then realise that they booked there holiday for the wrong day and have to go home on the day of the concert.

It has now raised the issue was Jules Holland and Lee Mead in 2010 really a part of the SO Festival, they used the fact that they played at the Embassy to promote this years 2011 So Festival, will they now do this with Bill Wyman to promote the SO Festival 2012?

Lets hope not.

If they wanted the Embassy Theatre to be part of the SO Festival they should have included it in the program.

There is nothing on at the Embassy on any of the SO Festival dates of the 22 -24th of July.

They should have worked harder and got some acts in to perform officially for the SO Festival.

I personally think the Embassy should have been a big part of the SO Festival.

Last year it was stated that the SO Festival raised 1.2 million for the local economy, but little of that money was raised directly for Skegness.

It would be nice to see the Embassy raise some money and for it to go backing into improving the Skegness theatre.

Don’t let this put you off from Visiting the SO Festival just because of some ill advised words written by an eager beaver wanting a pat on the back for the part they played in getting people to visit the SO Festival.

The SO Festival is a great reason to come to Skegness, filling our seaside resort with colour, art and culture.

The Skegness SO Festival stands on it’s own merits and doesn’t need big name artists to bring in the crowds.