Comment on Skegness SO Festival 2011 – Whats On by Skeggy Resident.

It’s been confirmed that Bill Wyman is ‘NOT’ a part of the SO Festival they are just using Bill Whyman’s Rhythm Kings show to promote the SO Festival .

This is an embarrassing promotional tactic by the SO Festival ‘TUT TUT’ The SO Festival can stand on it’s own merits it doesn’t need this type of underhanded propaganda.

This is a marketing nightmare for the SO Festival, why would they do this, telling visitor Bill Wyman is part of the closing Ceremony is underhand at best and positively misleading the public at worse :(

Will they ever learn people want the truth not some jump up, nonsensical exploitation to get them through the doors.

People are not that stupid!

Their words were ‘Rock legend Bill Wyman will bring the festival curtain down when he performs at the Embassy Centre. The former Rolling Stone will appear with several special guests during the concert on Monday 24th July’ (Should be the 25th).

Who would write such a thing?

What type of person lives there life so underhandedly that they think this is acceptable to tell the public and not bat an eyelid.

I guess they put their fingers in their ears when their mothers told them ‘you shouldn’t lie.’

What a disgrace!