Stuart Davy, ELDC strategic director has said: “These toilets have not received any investment for some considerable time and fall well below the standard that we would wish to be offering visitors to the resort.”

I can understand East Lindsey District Council not wanting to be associated with below standard toilets, it puts the town in a negative light to Skegness visitors. I’ve not been in the toilet, if it’s below standard they are right to act. The issue for me is they are pulling funding from a below standard toilet and have no plan to replace the facility for this season if it closes (will it close all season?).

Where is the forward planning from the district council?

If this toilet is as important as some suggest, (according to the Skegness Standard, Skegness town councillors are angry) when they announced they’d be pulling support at the same time they should have announced what it would be replaced with both short and long term or at least explained why we don’t need those toilets under the Skegness Pier IF it closes and they have no plan to replace the facility.

If finances aren’t the main issue, (we are just coming out of recession and councils have to cut services) there’s an argument the money ELDC won’t be spending on the Skegness Pier toilets could be used for an alternative (portable loo for example).

If this is just about quality of the toilets, ELDC should have had a contingency plan in place when they decided to stop funding. If we needed the toilets in 2009, we’ll probably need them in 2010. This assumes the toilets will close if the council don’t fund them.

Got a feeling here ELDC wouldn’t have seen stopping funding the toilets as a big issue, so haven’t taken into account people might not be happy about loosing the toilets.