Comment on Skegness Illuminations 2011 Switch On by Skeggy Resident.

The full list of events has been released of what will be happening during the Skegness Illuminations.

It all kicks off at 6pm with the Land Parade that will be going down Grand Parade towards the clock tower

6.15pm official opening
6.25pm Butlins red coats entertain the crowd
6.45winning buskers perform
7pm music from mango moon
7.30pm louth lindy hop group dancing
8.10pm Market Raisin RPC Band
8.40pm Janic Sutton Dancers
8.50pm Staveros Flately will be heading up the waterway towards the clock tower
9.10pm Taiko Drummers
9.25pm Staveros Flatley Perform
9.40pm count down light are switched on
9.45pm Fireworks
10pm Taiko Drummers close the Skegness Illuminations Switch On.

I might have to eat my word a little (lets hope so :)), it looks like we could be getting some music and real talent on stage with the bands and the Taiko Drummers above which will be great.

Unlike the Skegness Illumination in the past it looks like they are trying to modernise it a little, still not sure about following mostly the old format of the Skegness Illuminations, but it looks like they are at last thinking a little outside the box, by bringing entertainment a bit more adventurous than what their used to providing.

Now all we need is for them to go all the way outside the box and we could have an event to rival the SO Festival and maybe even Blackpool :)