Comment on Skegness Illuminations 2011 Switch On by Skeggy Resident.

So far I have this list of what is happening on the day of the Skegness illuminations,

A full day of events.
Fireworks and Family Entertainment
Switch on by Stavros Flately 9.30pm
Skegness Brass Festival
Busking Music Festival
Hosted by Lincs FM celebrity DJ / Radio Presenter

Busking Music Festival seems interesting, don’t Know where it will be in Skegness on the 6th of August. There’s no information on what it is, but I’ll take an educated guess and say buskers will be in Skegness for the Skegness Illuminations.

Nice to see their listening at last, I’ve mentioned this several times on various posts about one possible option of bringing buskers in to give people an alternative to brass bands.

Looks like my hubby voicing his opinions on facebook is getting some attention at last.

No real detail though on the Skegness Illuminations event as usual, it’s so frustrating it’s like they don’t want you to know anything about what’s happening during the Skegness illumination event.

One day they will learn information is the key to successfully bringing people to Skeggy for an event.

People will not venture out if they don’t know what they are getting.