Comment on Skegness Illuminations 2011 Switch On by Skeggy Resident.

Whoa is me, alas it turned out my fear that the Skegness Illuminations Switch On 2011 was to go back to the dark ages has been confirmed :(

This saddens me a great deal, going back to the traditional Skegness Illumination Switch On for 2011 is totally depressing :(

In my article above I wrote ‘I hope I’m wrong’, but it looks like the dinosaurs are back in Skegness, so with great personal ‘regret’ here is the run down for the Illuminations Switch On in Skegness on the 6th August 2011.

The Skegness illuminations will be switched on by Stavros Flatley, there has been mention of them riding down the Skegness Waterway, but not confirmed or have any details.

Details are a bit sketchy about exactly what’s happening during the Illumination Switch On at this point, but I assume it will be the same as it used to be before the Illuminations was a part of the SO Festival, which was tractors with adverts on it moving slowly down Grand Parade, irritating red coats from Butlins dancing and singing because they give some money (they usually did) to the Illumination Switch on, watch the Z list Celeb do their thing for 10 mins then have a disappointing 5 minute fireworks display :(

I find it dis-heartening that after the success and popularity of the SO Festival, finally giving Skegness some prestige, that they would go back to an old event that never worked in the first place to bring in visitors.

I find it totally confusing on how exactly Stavros Flatley is entertainment for little kids, they are not going to know who they are.


They should have just had a great DJ (could be local) playing some good music to rally the crowds, a local hero to switch on the lights like the Skegness RNLI crew and a decent fireworks display, people travel miles to see a good Fireworks display and pay good money, the spitfire proms fireworks display for example costs £25 a ticket with 7,000 visitors attending every year and Belvoir Castle again around 7 – 10,000 people attending their Fireworks companionship’s and they charge £15 a ticket for 4 ten minute displays.

It wouldn’t surprise me if the main reason the crowds in previous years viewing the Skegness Illumination where there was just to see the fire works display.

I’ll update on the full Skegness Illuminations Switch On event when the information is available on what’s happening on the 6th August 2011.

Still can’t believe this :(