I wrote this a while back about the Illuminations Switch On, since the details haven’t been finalized I’m using this article for updates about Skegness Illumination event, in the comment section at the bottom of this page.

Since things haven’t been confirmed yet and Skegness Illumination Switch On hasn’t taken place for some time a review would be premature, so this ‘isn’t’ the same kind of article like the other What’s On in Skegness Reviews, it’s more my thoughts and feelings.

This article was originally published in News and Views

Original Article Below :

I don’t believe there going back to the old format for the Skegness Illuminations Switch on for 2011 :(

For the last couple of years since 2009 Skegness Illuminations has been included in the SO Festival, traditionally for years Skegness Illuminations was drab and boring, with some nobody celebrity switching on the light after being driven down Grand Parade in a limo as part of a crappy parade and then some fireworks which where not exactly spectacular were let off.

I for one was rejoiced to see the old format for Skegness Illuminations go and be replaced by a much more modern and magical experience during part of the SO Festival.

After two years it was obvious the Skegness Illumination Switch on wasn’t working during the SO Festival, it got lost against the more visually stunning modern festival and there was also an issue raised by parents that the lights were being switched on too late for the little ones to enjoy (although this years illuminations switch on will be in August when it doesn’t get dark until 11 o’clock at night.)

All of these points are valid argument to have the Skegness Illumination 2011 given it’s own event away from the more imposing SO Festival.

But I’m shocked that they have gone back to the outdated and mundane Skegness Illuminations Switch on, lots of holiday makers didn’t like the Illuminations switch on and councilors expressed a concern at the cost of the so called celebrities to pretend to switch on the lights.

Apparently it costs thousands to have a washed up ex-celebrity spend 10 minutes of their time in Skegness.

Nothing is confirmed as yet, but on the grape vine I’ve heard there will again be a parade, forgotten celebrity and small fireworks to switch on the lights.

Also we have a brass band festival to be included on the same day as part of the Skegness Illuminations Switch on ‘NOT MORE BRASS BANDS!’ how many times does Skegness have to have brass bands in a year, apparently it’s not enough to have them play two or three time a week during the summer holidays ‘no’ they also need a festival dedicated to them, GRRRRR!

I suppose someone thought this was a touch of genius on the Illuminations Committee, ‘IT’S NOT’, have any of them thought about asking the kids themselves what they would like during an event mainly for them or perhaps trying out a new devise called Google that can show you ideas of what other switch on events in other regions have in the country.

Blackpool had a massive music festival and booked Robby Williams in 2010 to switch on Blackpool’s Illuminations.

I for one am saddened by this turn of events, not the fact that the Illuminations is not apart of the SO Festival, that doesn’t bother me. I agree the Skegness Illuminations needs a day of it’s own, It’s more the going back in time to something that didn’t work in the first place, surely they could have come up with an event as visually fun as the SO Festival on a smaller scale for the little kids.

The last ever Skegness Switch on in 2008 were switched on by some women called Jane McDonald that the kids and young people (like me at 36 :)) didn’t even know.

Come on Skeg, surely your more imaginative than this? After people experience the SO Festival in July it will just be embarrassing to follow it up with this non event, which it will be if it’s anything like the past Illumination Switch On’s.

I hope I’m wrong, that I’ve heard incorrectly and the Skegness Illuminations 2011 will be a ‘NEW’ festival of fun, colour and magic for families, but I suspect it won’t be.

When oh when is Skegness going to start moving with the times, it’s going to take a bit more than just 3 days in a year during the SO Festival to turn it around for Skegness.

The 70’s was a terrible era why stay there!