We all know how much a holiday by the sea can cost, with every attraction trying to snatch the money out of your wallet.

So Skegness Attractions has come up with the Skegness for Free Guide, giving you ideas of things to do for Free in Skegness.

Skegness Beach

Skegness Beach

Number one has to be the Skegness beach, miles of the East coasts golden sands, much better than the pebble beach they have at Brighton on the East Sussex coast. I should know I used to live near Brighton before we moved to Skegness. One of the reasons we moved to Skegness from down South was the pebble beaches, we got sick to the back teeth that the kids couldn’t build a sand castle and sunbathing on aggregate isn’t very comfortable or relaxing :-), so we moved back to the East coast for the glorious sand.

Here are a few ideas to keep you and the kids occupied on Skegness Beach and all you need is a bucket and spade…

Skegness Sand Boat

1. Build a beach dodgem or boat with the kids to play in out of the sand.

2. Play king of the hill, make a hill from sand then get the kids to scramble up to the top, the 1st on top of the hill wins. Of course a little cheating is allowed by pulling your sibling off the hill.

3. Hurdles, build humps out of sand then have the kids time their best time.

Hippo Sand Sculpture

4. Sand sculptures, go wild with your imagination.

5. Pebble throwing, dig holes in the sand and throw your pebbles in the holes, the one who throws most of their pebbles in the holes wins. Give more points for getting the holes that’s furthest away.

6. Long jump, draw a line in the sand get the family to run down a stretch of beach and jump when they get to the line.

7. Beach wrestling, draw a large circle in the sand get two people to try and push each other out the circle, the winner challenges another member of the family. this is a lot of fun.

Skegness Beach Art

8. Beach art, collect shells etc.. from the beach. Draw a picture in the sand, then decorate it with your collected beach bits.

9. When the tides are coming in rush to build a sand castle, when finished place a stick, shell or feather on top of your sand castle. The last person to loose their feather when the tide splashes up around your sand castle wins.

10. Place the kids buckets a distance from the sea, have them race against each other or time how fast they can fill their buckets with water, by running to the sea filling their spades and carrying it back to the bucket.

Skegness Tower Gardens Park

Tower Gardens

Tower Gardens is a great park to take a break and spend the day with the kids playing on the grass, feeding the ducks, having a picnic while relaxing in the shade of the trees. During the summer Tower Gardens has events through out the holidays, so you’ll be able to listen to a brass band at the Tower Gardens band stand in the afternoons.

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Gibraltar Point Nature Reserve

Gibraltar point is Skegness’ own Nature Reserve where you can take a relaxing walk with the family getting in tune with nature, then pop to the visitor center and have a coffee and a bite to eat.

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Skegness Church Farm Museum

Church Farm Summer House

Church Farm Museum admission is free or on event days a very small price to enter. Step back to the Victorian age and explore the gardens and embrace some history on a budget. It’s a relaxing day out.

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Skegness Sunshine Play Area

Sunshine Play Area is a brand new park (2009) for Skegness kids (aged 3-14 years). It’s found at the back of the beach on the Skegness waterway just off the Skegness Pier field.

Skegness Fairy Dell Paddling Pool

Fairy Dell Paddling Pool can be found on the boating lake just off the bridge.

The Vine Walk Skegness

Go on a mystery walk down The Vine Walk : A wooded pathway that goes from Richmond Drive to Drummond Road just off the beach. To start the walk keep going up Richmond Drive passed Tescos and Richmond Primary school until you get to a path that says public footpath and a billiard board advertising the Vine Hotel opposite Richmond caravan park, follow the foot paths all the way through to Drummond road, from there you can either cross the road and walk straight up to the beach or turn left and walk down Drummond Road towards Tower Cinema.

Skegness RNLI

For free you can look at the RNLI Life Boat for 5 or 10 mins and read some interesting facts on the wall about the history of the life guards and if you buy a trinket or two from the shop the money goes towards keeping the RNLI active to save people in trouble at sea. The life guard station can be found on the main beach front opposite the ice cream parlour.

Skegness Illuminations Walk

Great Fun for all is to go on a Skegness Illumination Walk in the summer evenings, costs nothing and is a magical walk looking at the lights. Skegness Illuminations is usually switched on sometime in July and they stay on until October.

Skegness Beach Rangers

During the six weeks holiday on the central beach you can find the Beach Rangers. You can spend the afternoon playing volley ball, beach cricket, badminton, rounders for free. Anyone can play no matter your age. All you do is sign up with one of the beach rangers, all equipment is provided free.

Skegness So Festival

The SO Festival is a three day arts festival that takes place in Skeg during summer the exact time varies each year. The Skegness SO Festival is the best free event skeggy has with lots to do for all tastes from street artists, music, fireworks and art around the town. The SO Festival is different each year so there’s always something new to see and do.

Bottons Fun Night – Fireworks Display

In September Bottons has a free fun night with a big firework display on the beach to end the summer season with a bang, the fireworks usually go off at about 9 o’clock in the evening and lasts about 15 – 20 minutes.