The Fairy Dell Paddling Pool can be found at the Skegness Boating Lake. To find the paddling pool go over the bridge and the free paddling pool can be found on the other side.

The Fairy Dell Paddling Pool is open from May to September 10am till 6pm every day

It’s one of the best things in Skegness to do for free with the kids.

The Fairy Dell is a nice little pool with sprinklers and an ornamental fountain in the center and it’s weaving pools there’s seats for adults and soft flooring underfoot.

The Paddling pool is a great relaxing place to play with the kids. I still take my son at 13 years old, but then he’s in no hurry to grow up and be an adult :-)

The Fairy Dell is kept clean every morning and during the day that the Paddling Pool is open, it is cleaned by a janitor with a net to remove rubbish or leaves from the pools and the bins are emptied. The water is chlorinated but not heavily.

The council looks after the maintenance of the pool very well, but the Fairy Dell has been subject to mindless vandalism since it opened which is a shame :-( The young delinquents keep ripping up the sponge floor which results in huge holes in the floor and debris in the water and can be uncomfortable under foot, you have to be careful where you tread.

The flooring was replaced in 2009 with a completely new floor, it took 8 plus weeks to do and within a month of completions the floor was ripped up again :-(

The holes that these mindless kids are causing could be stopped altogether if there was a strong police presence on the boating lake or if the council put up a bigger fence around the paddling pool to stop the vandals from getting in in the first place, the 3ft fence is a bad design flaw! Replacing the expensive flooring every few years is not a viable solution and it could result in the Fairy Dell in the future having to close due to cost, I personally can not see the council keep paying to have the floor replaced.

Maybe if Skegness holiday maker complained to East Lindsey District council some thing would be done, since the council doesn’t listen to the residence in Skegness about this matter :-(

Still the Fairy Dell is a nice place to take the kiddies for a bit of free fun. Definitely recommended when visiting Skegness, it is clean, fun and lovely on a hot day to have a paddle.

I would have given the Fair Dell Paddling pool a 9/10, but because of the damaged floor it had to be lower :-(

Skegness Attractions Star Rating for the Fairy Dell Paddling Pool 8/10