The Embassy Swimming Pool has an indoor heated pool and a traditional seaside outdoor heated swimming pool.

Both of the Embassy Swimming Pools are basic rectangular pools, there are no bells or whistles to this East Lindsey County Council run swimming pool in that it doesn’t have fancy flumes, sprinklers or jacuzzi , but the Embassy Swimming pool in Skeg is a nice pool to have a swim.

The Embassy Swimming Pool can be found on Grand parade next to the Embassy Theatre

PRICES: £3.25 adults, over 60’s free and children under 16 free

Session vary so call ahead on: Tel: 01754 610675 or look online for basic info

Skegness Embassy Outdoor Swimming Pool

The outdoor swimming pool is an OK Skegness attraction for those brave enough to use it on the two days a year when it’s warm enough to swim outside in Skegness :-)

Skegness Outdoor Swimming Pool

The Embassy outdoor pool can get crowded in the summer holidays being used the most in July and August there is usually sessions on busy days which means limited time, but if you holiday in Skeg earlier in the year you can stay longer in the outdoor pool and it’s not as crowded. the pool is heated, but on a cold or miserable summers day no one uses it much.

The outdoor pool is open from June-September the rest of the year it’s closed. The Embassy outdoor pool is modern looking and better than some old pools that are used in other seaside resorts, and you can relax at the pool side in the relaxation area, which is grass and deck chairs to the rest of us :-) good for mum’s if they don’t want to get wet to watch the kids.

Activities are run at the Embassy swimming pool like giant inflatable islands and the water walker. The giant inflatable can be used by children who can swim 50m and the water walker can be used by anyone that includes mum’s and dad’s. It’s best to phone and get full details of the activities on offer before you go to the Embassy swimming pool to get the best out of your visit (each day/week varies) and the Embassy Swimming Pools website is useless for information on extras activities and special sessions that take place at the pool.

I’ve had a go at the water walkers with my kids and there lots of fun I’d recommend giving them a go. Water Walkers are hollow inflated balls that you stand in, I spent all my time on my backside, I didn’t get to walk on water once, but my kids managed to crack it and they where running in the balls in no time, although I spent most of my time flat on my back I did enjoy myself a lot :-) The Water Walkers might not be good for people who suffer from claustrophobia although you only spend 2-3 mins each turn in the ball it does get hot and stuffy since your shut up tight, but for anyone else it’ll be the best time you’d ever spend falling down.
The life guards have an hold of the ball at all times so theres no risk of getting stranded the life guards did a great job when we tried water walking, we were well looked after.

The outdoor pool suites toddlers well as the shallow end of the pool is a steady decline that you walk into until you are at the depth you feel comfortable with.

Skegness Embassy Indoor Swimming Pool

The indoor pool is a basic rectangle and is a much older design.
Unlike the outdoor pool that declines at the shallow end the indoor pool has hook on steps to get into the pool, there is a small Dolphin slide in the shallow end for little kids to slide down.

Skegness Indoor Pool

Most of the Embassy Indoor Pool is open with usually one lane marked of for good swimmers.

One thing I have to warn people about is the temperature of the water, it’s not that warm.

Every time I go I look at the cardboard clock at the front deck and on average it says the tempertature of the water is between 27-29 degrees, but it feels cold particularly when you first get in.

We’ve found the best way to warm up is to have a brave quick dip in the water, get out then get back in again, sounds crazy and a lot of trouble to go to but it seems to work. The temperature of the water gives my son an asthma attack and his lips turn blue when he doesn’t warm up quickly :(.

This is a real problem with the indoor Embassy pool, the water is way to cold particularly in winter. My husband who has a back complaint can’t go to the Embassy to swim because the cold water makes his muscles tense up making the pain in his back worse :-(

The showers are warm though and are situated next to the swimming pool, were both male and females shower together, takes a bit of getting used to showering and soaping yourself down in front of a pool full of people, I’ve never been in a swimming pool that has this strange setup before going to the Embassy Pool and it’s not very pleasant being on display while showering.

The Embassy indoor pool has a medium sized log flume which is fun and brakes the monotony of swimming backwards and forwards. It’s separate from the pool and is accessed by steps. The flume twists and turns above the main pool and finishes in it’s own mini pool.

‘Be warned!’ though Kids push on the stairs and ever time I’ve taken our son to the Embassy Pool their has never been a memeber of staff at the top of the slide, since the steps are steep I would recommend going up the slide with your children

One of the good points about the Embassy Indoor Swimming Pool is it’s cleanliness, the floors in the changing rooms are always being mopped either by a member of staff or a cleaner, which is excellent (big thumbs up to the cleaners).

The toilets on the other hand although clean-ish (they look old) the floors always drenched which isn’t that great, I don’t know about the men’s toilets but in the ladies the doors are too close to the toilet basin which means to close the door you have to squeeze up the side of the toilet, which always creeps me out. Us ladies usually hover as it is to avoid contact with the toilet, so banging your knees on a toilets rim so you can close the cubical door just makes me feel dirty :-(

There are plenty of changing rooms and lockers, lockers are a pound which you get back when you’ve finished your swim.

Cubicals are not that big and taking children in with you is a squeeze, also the bottom of the cubicals don’t touch the floor and once we had a rude child keep pulling our stuff through the bottom of the cubical.

Embassy Swimming Pool Staff

The staff at the Embassy Swimming Pool are friendly at the front desk and give plenty of information to visitors. There are always 2 or 3 life guards on duty at the pool at all times. We try to go to the Embassy Swimming Pool at least once a week for 10 months of the year (we always avoid the school holidays :-)) and in all that time we have only experienced one incident with the life guards where they wasn’t paying attention in a very dangerous situation.

On this one occasion a female life guard decided to turn a blind eye for a full 40+ minutes to the troublesome kids by focusing all her attention on a 3 year old and her mother, (who really didn’t need help) while the rest of the swimmers in the Embassy Swimming Pool where left to defend for themselves as these children (8 of them) started to pull out and throw the heavy diving bricks in the shallow end from a fair distance while babies and disabled children tried to get out the way!

I think these particular life guards where out of their depth in dealing with these children.

We left that day when the kids started to sit on one another’s shoulders and throw themselves backwards just missing a small girls head as she swam by! Ruined our swim :(

All in all the Embassy Swimming Pool is OK, does what it says on the tin :) it’ll do for a quick swim and a bit of fun.

Skegness Attractions Star Rating for the Embassy Swimming Pool 7/10