Skegness could learn a thing or too from Budapest.

15 artists from around the world have created 26 pieces of art which as been placed in a boating lake to attract visitors.

Visitors to Budapest can row around the art installations, what a great idea, this would be something Skegness Boating lake could do to bring it back to life.

Imagine rowing around works of art in Skegness, it would be awesome.

What about a giant Skegnessy in the middle of the boating lake :)

Skegness boating lake has see better days and a lot of the boating lake is in desperate need of some care and attention, it is not a very welcoming place with all the concrete, graffiti and lack of inspiring landscaping.

It would be nice to see the banks of the boating lake full once again with people, it’s like north and south parade aren’t apart of Skegness with how little attention they get.

Skegness Boating lake is well over due a revamp, bringing art and some better plants to the place would be a great start, my neighbour told me, years ago there used to be a boat festival on Skegness boating lake I think bringing events to the boating lake could also help improve the area.

Skegness boating lake is an eye sore at the furthest end and an embarrassing feature in Skegness.

Obviously Skegness wouldn’t be able to sustain 26 big pieces on the small lake, but a few small installations would be plausible

I always liked the idea of having musical fountains on Skegness Boating Lake, like the ones you get in Las Vegas, a simpler version of the Las Vegas would be a great way to attract visitors and to bring Skegness into the modern age bringing more cultured visitors to the area.

A proposal was discussed at a council meeting to bring Art installation to Skegness a few years ago, but the recession hit and I assume this idea was put on the back burner like so many other things, I hope it’s re-introduced and they get Skegness firmly on the Art and culture scene, the SO Festival is one way to do it, but a three day festival isn’t enough to change the theme of Skegness from Tacky to tasteful with a three day arts and culture festival once a year.

I would like to see, over years of course, a sculpture park that connects different areas of Skegness together forming a trail that visitors would come to Skegness just to experience. It would be nice if north and south parade, the boating lake, beach and Gibraltar Point where all connected with a sculpture park filled with Art Installations the public could interact with.

Bringing a sculpture park/trail to the boating lake would help wipe the stigma of a tacky, out of date holiday resort, which Skegness desperately needs to survive in a global world, most people have experienced a higher standard of environment on their holidays, not only from other regions of the UK, but the world.