Skegness The Village Church Farm Address

The Village Church Farm Museum Skegness can be found at:

Church Road South,
PE25 2HF
Telephone: 01754 766658

Skegness The Village Church Farm Admission

Admission Free on non activity days
On activity days : £2.20 Adults £1.50 Kids

Skegness Church Farm Museum Review

The Village Church Farm is an award winning heritage Victorian museum attraction, the farm grounds has a barn, cottage and small house, school room, working blacksmiths, wash room, farm exhibits and a few other bits and pieces about the Victorian age.

Church Farm has a Tearoom so you can buy a light lunch, or you can take your own picnic and eat on the picnic benches or on the grass, there’s also a gift shop so you can buy mementos of your visit to The Village Church Farm Museum.

I have been many times to Church Farm Museum with my children when an activity day was on, the Museum itself is run of the mill static information boards, cardboard cut outs and statues to look at. There’s lots of information about the Victorian age to be read about a time gone by.

Many of the buildings at The Village Church Farm are working exhibits like the blacksmiths and the house has many Victorian nick knacks. When I walked around the house it was like being transported back to my Granddad’s and great aunts houses, the china dogs on the mantle and even the cutlery was the same and I was only 32 when I went to Church Farm so for me I had been brought up with Victorian influences, but my kids hadn’t seen any of these things before, so it was fun having them guess what they thought certain items where.

There’s not that much hands on activities at Church Farm, they are a little behind some other museums in this respect. There is a Punch and Judy puppet theater you can stick your hands in the front of and work the puppets, but you can’t go round the back and produce your own puppet master piece which means kids get bored with it easily and so do adults. You can pretend your a prisoner in one off the cells and take a photo of you chained to the ceiling, and recently from 2009 they have added the play room where children can dress in traditional Victorian clothes and play with the toys from the Victorian era so it’s getting better at the hands on experience.

The church farm staff dress in traditional Victorian clothing and play different parts to demonstrate what the people in Victorian times was like. The school room is the best you get to sit in a class room as the pupils and have a hands on experience of the difference between education in the Victorian age to today, me and my kids liked this bit it was very funny.

Some other things you can do at Church Farm to entertain the kids yourself if you find your visit waning a little is get the kids to have a photographic competition see which family member can take the best photograph at Church Farm, or if you have an artistic child like I do go to Church Farm and have them paint a picture of the garden.

The best time to visit The Village Church Farm Museum is on an activity days the staff go all out on these days to ensure the families are having a good time it’s mainly aimed at kids 3-11 years. There’s been mention that Church Farm will be extending it’s diary of events lets hope parents with older children 12-16 will be included and not left out.

My kids used to love the activity days but now my youngest has just turned 12, the activities are a little babyish for him and not challenging enough, if they did include the older kids in the events us adults could have a go as well :-)

The Village Church Farm Museum Rating

Church Farm Museum is a good Skegness attraction if you have kids from 3-11 years old, but it holds little interest to children older than this.

Older people would also enjoy Church Farm Museum it’s a relaxing slow paced Skegness Attraction.

The best time to visit The Village Museum is when they have an activity day.

Church farm museum has won a lot of awards for best heritage attraction and have gained a grant to extend the farm.

Skegness Attractions Star Rating : On an activity day 8/10

Free days 6/10 good to wind down and have a slow day for free.

Check out Church Farm Museums website or call on : 01754 – 766658 for information on events.