Skegness Bottons Pleasure Beach is located on the Skegness Sea Front

Admission Prices:
£12.00 for a full day wrist band.
£8.00 for an evening wrist band.
Or you can buy tokens a pound each.

My kids have dragged me to Bottons Pleasure Beach many times, we go at least 3 times a year, and it’s always a fun filled evening for them and me, which lets face it as parent it’s always a bonus since we usually get left out of the fun drinking tea/coffee as slooowwwly as possible!, while the kids run off and have a blast.

Botton Big Wheel Skegness

Skegness Bottons Pleasure Beach is a traditional fun fair, it doesn’t have any of the big rides like roller coasters, (it’s not an Alton Towers sized attraction) but it does still have enough for the thrill seekers with the pirate ship and the surf rider in particular and if your up for a good spin every ones all time favorite the waltzer.

Skegness Bottons Pleasure Beach Value for Money

Bottons is excellent value for money with its wrist band scheme. You do have to pay extra for certain rides, but all in all it’s great value for money particularly if you go in the evening (£8 for a wristband), you get enough rides on the wrist band to make yourself happy.

Bottons Dodgems Skegness

Or you can buy tokens so your not locked in, nice and flexible that’s what we like to see in a Skegness attraction. This means it’s ideal for people staying just for the weekend, after spending your day on the Skegness beach trying to get a tan give yourself and the kids a little fun at Bottons. Or folks who just want a quick go on one of the rides while their passing through Bottons to Skegness beach.

The Bottons wrist bands entitles you to go on all the rides for both big and small kids.

Small Children’s Fun Fare Rides

Safari Train
Cup & Saucer Ride

Family Fun Fare Rides

Dodgems : brilliant fun
Rockin Tug
Ghost Train
Big Apple Mini Rollercoaster
Giant Wheel
Runaway Train
Queen Bee Rollercoaster

Thrill Rides

Rockin’ Roller : personal favorite
Pirate Ship
Surf Rider

The worst ride at Bottons Pleasure Beach by far has to be the Ghost Train, it’s total rubbish!

Bottons Ghost Train Skegness

There’s nothing in it, The Ghost Train is just a track that goes around a bunch of badly drawn scary pictures and a few dummies which are sparsely laid out.

I’ve seen Halloween masks my kids wear scarier than the contents of the Bottons Ghost Train.

In this day and age the Bottons Ghost Train is just embarrassing especially since other ghost trains like the one at Blackpool and Brighton are at such a high standard :-)

Bottons would be better if they pulled down the Ghost Train and used the space for something else or replaced it with a modern Ghost Train.

Bottons Pleasure Beach Rides NOT Included in the Price

The extra attractions that are NOT included in the cost of a wrist band and you pay extra for at Bottons, are the traditional fun fair stalls like hook a duck, the motorized bikes that you put a pound in for little kids, and the log flume that is on the outside of Bottons.

The log flume is better than the one they have at Fantasy Island, it’s got two falls, one of the drops is bigger than the log flume at Fantasy Island and the other is wavy so has more thrill value.

Bottons Log Flume Skegness

There’s also a very small crazy golf course next to the log flume that you can pay extra for, but it’s the worst crazy golf course in Skegness, definitely not worth the money at £2.00 per person, might be worth it if they dropped their prices to £1.00 per person (it’s so small).

For a more detailed review of Crazy Golf in Skegness click on the link (soon)

Traditional Fun Fair Stalls cost around £1 – £3ish depending on the game
Motorized Kiddie Bikes £1 per child
Log Flume £2 per person
Crazy Golf £2 per person

Bottons Arcades

Bottons also has 3 arcades, two are accessed from inside Bottons and the third arcade can also be accessed from the road outside, this is one of the best arcades in Skegness. We enjoy the ten pin bowling machine, air hockey and a flip football machine. The other two arcades are your run of the mill sea side arcade. For a detailed review of Skegness arcades click on link (soon).

Food at Bottons

There’s plenty of kiosk at and around Bottons selling food and sweets so when you need refueling there’s easy access to food, with plenty of choice from hot dogs to doughnuts as well as your traditional sea side treat: fish and chips.

If you prefer a commercial burger, there’s a large McDonalds on site at the front of Grand Parade. (McDonalds is situated on land owned by Bottons Pleasure Beach)

Bottons Kids Ride Skegness

Bottons Pleasure Beach owns the land on Skegness Grand Parade from the Log Flume at the front all the way around the back of the Embassy Theater to the Skegness Water Way.

There are gift shops and cafe/pub along this stretch of land and at the back of Bottons they own other attractions including a Crazy Golf course, the River Ride and Little Rascals Kiddies play area.

All in all Skegness Bottons Pleasure Beach is a good Skegness Attraction

Skegness Attractions Star Rating for Bottons Pleasure Beach 8/10