Skegness Doesn’t have a Bonfire Celebration.

Events are run by individual businesses and charities around the area.

There aren’t that many Bonfire celebrations that go on in Skeg in the passed few years the amount of people willing to host a bonfire celebration in Skegness has got less and less due to health and safety regulations and insurance being a pain to obtain.

I know that the Rotary Club in Skegness has a decent fireworks display held at the Royal Hotel and Skegness Stadium has Fireworks display close to bonfire night both of these are great fireworks displays

If you go to Skegness Stadiums Fireworks Display you also get a whole day of Banger Racing as well, this bonfire night treat is great especially for teenage boys and dads with tyres burning and breaks screeching and a pretty Fireworks display for mums afterwards :).

The Rotary club that are a charity hosts a Firework display on the grounds of the Royal Hotel, it’s a good Firework display. Food and entertainment along with a drink can be brought from the Hotel. There’s usually kiddie entertainment like a bouncy castle and music is played to the crowd outside while you wait for the fireworks display to start.

Quite a few people turn up so it is quite cramped, you also have to watch out for numpties that decide to light up sparklers in the middle of the crowd so keep an eye out for your little ones who are at eye level to a irresponsible careless individual with a sparkler.

Lyndhurst Garden Center situated just outside Skeg Might have a Firework Display, but as yet I haven’t seen them advertise one, they did have one a few years back so give them a call closer to the time.

The Football Club on Burgh Road in Skeggy might have one. We went to theirs a couple of years ago and it was awful the fireworks were the type you buy from Tesco (a little fizzle and no bang) . The firework display lasted over an hour which you might think is brilliant until you find out the elongated time is due to them letting off the fireworks one at a gruelling time, the kids (not just ours) got bored and started running around. wasn’t a good night we left before they’d even finished a neighbour of ours stayed until the end and they said there wasn’t even a grand finale, just a firework same as the others went off and that was it.

If I find anymore or anyone knows of a Bonfire and fireworks display happening in Skegness drop a comment below.