Comment on Skegness Attractions by joan bennett.

Ok so nothing is perfect, and Skeggy isnt the costa del sol, and I AM SO GLAD IT ISNT!
There is a lot of flat spaces for wheelchair users to go to, pleasant parks and ponds, good bird watching, nice restaurants,(pity not many do gluten free meals though)and a good theatre, friendly taxi drivers who will chat and let you know their local knowledge. (IF u ask).
When they find out that you used to live there, even if it was 30+ years ago, they still treat u like a local. Tell you the best places to eat, and whats a good bargain, whats not.
Without thinking I asked one driver to take us to a certain place, and said BY THE LOCALS ROUTE!!
He looked at me, and said “which is that then”
I told him and he said ‘so u live here then?
No,-not now I dont, but memories live on, (not all good ones though) for personal reasons.
Ive visited Skeggy since age 4, lived there for a couple of years, and then visited since. (almost yearly). This year we are meeting up with family for my husbands 75th birthday. Skeggys great.