We went to see Vampires Rock Christmas Show on the 4th of December 2009 at the Embassy Theatre in Skegness.

We have also seen Vampires Rock 2007 and Vampires Rock 2008 as well, so check out those Vampire Rock reviews at the two links above as well.

Vampires Rock Christmas Show 2009 Review

Vampires Rock Christmas Show Review

WOW WHAT A SHOW! Vampires Rock is two and a half hours of 100% pure adrenalin pumping fun! Steve Steinmens fantastic Vampire Rock Show returned to the Embassy Theatre in Skegness with a new look to the show filled with new songs and a new character in the form of Baron Von Rockulars slave Boswell. Boswell has taken over from the previous slaves role Stringfellow, I sat and waited in anticipation could he be as good as StringFellow in the comedy relief?

Bloody hell yes! It was a bit touch and go at first, with some of the original dialog not working for the new character Boswell, but then Steve Steinmen came on stage and they where magic together. Boswell found his feet and comfort zone and there was no looking back from that point on. The singer who played the Boswell character had an out going nature and it shone through, his singing was brilliant and he had no problem commanding the stage alone and the comedy particularly with Steve hit the spot, we loved him!

Best bits was the little spare of the moment details like when Boswell comes out on stage in his body thong and shows the crowd his nipples, my husband really liked that :-) and when he air humps, the handle on his utility belt added more emphasis to the effect :-)

The Vampire rock performances that night was a lot of fun, I don’t know if it was because the show at the Embassy was the night before they took their Christmas break from Vampires Rock, Steve Steinmen and Boswell’s performances on stage was very animated and they went all out to give us a great show :-)

There was more talking in the comedy sketches at the Christmas show, I liked it, my husband laughed his head off and it was nice to hear some new material to have a good giggle at, bit disappointed there wasn’t one Christmas song though :-( and it might have been nice at the very end to see Baron von Rockular as Santa :-)

The only difference between Vampires Rock show and the Vampires Rock Christmas show is the costumes the dancing girls wear, the girls wear little Santa suits and Toyah had one Christmassy costume, the gates of hell had a string of lights around it and a giant Santa hat on top. I thought it was a bit of a cheek to call it a Christmas show, it didn’t matter though We go for a great rock concert fell that is always delivered so well by Vampires Rock.

The Vampires Rock show for 2009 took on a different format, my son 12 thought it would be better to have started the show with the usual lightning strikes and thunder clashes, he really liked the old beginning instead of the new red light shining on stage. I like the thunder and lighting to and the opening felt like it had something missing, it lacked the usual WOW factor that makes you sit up and take notice, maybe if they had included flames it would have been a lot more Rock and Roll than just coming out on stage the way every standard performance at the Embassy we’ve seen does :-(

After the first song the 2009 Christmas show was outstanding and I can’t compare this show from the others we’ve seen, they’ve all been amazing. It’s nice to mix things up a little, so I commend them on that. I think it might have been a little tiresome to see the exact same Vampires Rock show for a third year in a row, so I’m glad it had a fresh feel to it.

I didn’t mind that they started the show with a new song, change is always good, I really did like the fact that most of the songs was new, I loved not knowing what was coming next, though we didn’t recognise what the first song was (sounded familiar, but couldn’t place it).

There was also more pyrotechnics and fireworks this year (at least I think there was?), you can never go wrong with mind blowing razzle dazzle to WOW the crowd.

Vampires Rock is guaranteed to give a great night out for anyone who wasn’t born with a stick up their backside, if you are one of these people who don’t know how to have fun you have my sympathies :-).

Vampires Rock is unique in the theatre world in that it has a story line and is a Rock concert that covers classic rock songs from bands like Guns and Roses, Bon Jovi and Queen. Some people can’t get their heads around the panto type theatre banter and the fact that the songs don’t go hand in hand with a story line, these people miss the Point of Vampires Rock being a fun show where you can forget your worries and drab life for a single night and have a good time! they seem to think it needs meaning? I read a review where someone complained about how long the show lasted? WHAT!! I wish when they visit the Embassy Theatre in Skegness that The Lost Boys and Steve Steinman could perform all night long I never want it to end, (I’m selfish that way :-))

I’m a big fan, it’s my one night a year where I can let down my hair, step out of the Mum suit and become my inner Rock Chick. I don’t think I sat down all night people kept commenting to my hubby how much fun I was having, even my hubby whispered in my hear “you’ll sleep tonight” I didn’t care I go to Vampires Rock for a good time and that’s exactly what they give me and in return I belt out every chorus (usually wrong), woo my loudest (hubby says I have a wicked woo) and dance my little heart out.

I doubt they could hear me from the back of the theatre or if they even saw me and my son dancing the night away, but I wanted everyone to know how much fun I was having, my way of saying thanks guys to Steve, the band and crew.

Toyah Wilcox made her presence felt with her impressive and wicked vocals The Demon Queen role suits her so well.

Toyah is renowned for being theatrical in her performance and in Vampires Rock she doesn’t disappoint, high energy dancing, stunning costumes the best in the show. Toyah’s costumes are awesome and a great figure to boot :-) best song of the night for me by Toyah had to be Live and Let Die with a very close second being Schools out for Summer. Toyah Rocks! She’s a Rock Queen for real.

At the end of the show we were treated to the singing talent of Henry Bird, he has a great voice. The song he sang I think was one of the songs that will be featured in Bad Boy Johnny and the Prophets of Doom, which Henry Bird will be staring in. I’d already got my tickets to see Bad Boy Johnny before I went to see Vampires Rock, with Birdy singing I know I have great singing and a fantastic performance to look forward to when the musical Bad Boy Johnny and the Prophets of Doom comes to the Embassy in April. I am so EXCITED :-)

The ending to the show was brilliant as always Steve Steinmen always gives it that personal touch to the show by talking to the audience and there’s plenty of audience participation where every one gets up on their feet and Rocks! Vampires Rock always chooses great songs at the end that gets the blood pumping.

We are always Buzzing for a couple of days afterwards, great feeling! I can only imagine how the cast feel after a show, their feet must never touch the floor.

The whole cast are talented, The Lost Boys always please, especially the ladies :-) the band always gets plenty of appreciation from the women in the audience and the men in the audience get to see the dancing girls, there’s plenty of eye candy for everyone in Vampires Rock :-) Don’t worry Mum’s and Dad’s, Vampires Rock is definitely a family show and the kids will have a good time dressing up as Vampires and dancing the night away, Vampires Rock is all about the music and fantastic music at that. You’ll have a ball at Vampires Rock, so I say let your hair down and give it up for the one and only Rock concert of fun, that is Vampires Rock :-)

Vampire Rock 2009 Christmas Rating

Would We Go Again : Yes forever and ever
Would We Recommend To Others: Yes without hesitation
Was It Value For Money: Yes
Recommended For: Anyone with an inner rock God/Goddess :-)

Skegness Attractions Star Rating 10/10