Skegness Butlins can be found in Ingoldmells on Roman Bank

Butlins Fun Fair is Free with entry fee – Butlins entry fee Off Peak Prices Adults £10 Child £8
Peak Time Prices Adult £15 Child £11

Butlins fair ground is well out of date, you would think a billion dollar holiday resort could afford to have a decent theme park.

Butlins calls this a traditional funfair, if tradition means you haven’t replaced or mended anything in the place since you first bought the rides.

I find a lot of places like Butlins use the word traditional so they can get away with never up dating, if that is what a traditional fair ground is like bring on the future.

The rides are nothing but bucket and bolts and the only laughter you can hear is sarcastic cackles from the riders commenting on how rubbish it is.

I guess they had the same ethos as us, if you don’t laugh at the appalling state of the rides you’ll cry.

They are ‘crap’ quite frankly, I’ve seen better rides from traveling fairs than what Butlins Skegness has to offer!

The so called Funfair at Butlins doesn’t have that many rides and all of them are as dull as soggy chips.

One ride looked and sounded like it was about to fall apart, I was concerned for my children’s safety, if they hadn’t of bolted ahead of me I wouldn’t have allowed them to go on it, the ride was rusted and clunked and squeaked as the carriage hoisted into the air I have never witnessed anything like this at any other theme park we have visited.

The state of it surly was an health and safety issue how they ever got permission to operate that ride baffles me.

The biggest joke of all at Butlins funfair in Skegness had to be the dodgems. Butlins dodgems are the most uncomfortable old pieces of s##t I’ve ever rode in! You could actually feel the floor bumping below, think a car with zero suspension, as you trundled along and I do mean trundled there was no zipping around on these Dodgems at Butlins.

The floor was so pitted with humps and bumps all over it surface someone should tell Butlins dodgems are meant to be on a flat shiny surface not something that wouldn’t look out of place at a shooting range.

They were awful! The ride lasted half a song even though there was no queue! this is an absolute rediculase amount of time roughly 1 1/2 minutes on the dodgems or 90 seconds to put it in perspective.

The most irritating thing was you wasn’t even allowed to bump, WHAT! isn’t that the fun of dodgems (AKA bumper cars) is to bump into each other? All you could hear all the way through was Butlins staff yelling “No bumping please” they shouted it even when no one was bumping, ridiculous.

Perhaps the reason we couldn’t bump was because if we did the bloody cars would fall apart, they are so old.

The staff are awful they don’t help you at all, a smile never crosses their lips and they want look you in the eye when you say thank you at the end of the ride.

I can safely say nothing in Butlins funfair is worth the entry fee that you will pay to get into Butlins.

My advise go to Bottons Pleasure Beach in Skegness or Fantasy Island down the road in Ingoldmells both of these theme parks are awesome and will cost you the same as a day at Butlins funfair (free my A**).

Skegness Attractions Star Rating for Butlins Funfair is 0/10 Stars