Every year at around the second week in September Skegness Bottons Pleasure Beach closes it’s doors at the end of the summer season with a free fireworks display on the Skegness beach.

For a free fire works display it’s quite good, we’ve been to the Lewes fireworks displays and torch led prosessions in the streets (it’s like 12 hours of fireworks all over the town of Lewes) which are awesome, so we know what makes a great fireworks show.

Bottons Fireworks

This year we finally worked out how to use the fireworks setting on our digital camera and at long last got some good quality firework photographs :)

The fireworks videos turned out quite well also, we rarley try the digital cameras movie making abilities.

First time we’ve put one of our videos online as well (uploaded to Youtube).

Skegness Free Firework Display Video

We took a couple of videos of the fireworks on Skegness beach, the first one is the last two minutes of the Bottons fireworks show. The finale is very good, in hindsight we should have stood a little further away to get more of the fireworks in shot (this was fully zoomed out).

The second fireworks movie is near the middle of the fireworks display, again about 2 minutes of fireworks. Although we had the camera on a tripod, it was in sand and very dark (couldn’t see the spirit levels), so it’s a little wonky :)

If you listen closely to the second fireworks video you might hear my wife telling me to “leave it” (the digital camera that is). She’s one of those needy types that needs a hug about 23 hours a day and me repositioning the camera was interfering with her cuddle time while watching fireworks :)

Skegness Free Firework Display Photographs

We discovered a cool feature this week, the burst mode on the digital camera, we took over 100 pictures in about a minute or so, here’s some of the best ones.

Free Fireworks Display Photograph
Skegness Fireworks Photograph
Fireworks Skegness Photograph
Bottons Firework Display Photograph
Skegness Firework Photograph
Skegness Fireworks-show Photograph
Beach Fire Works Display Photograph
Free Fireworks Photograph
Skegness Beach Fireworks Photograph
Fireworks Display Photograph