Comment on What’s on at the Skegness Embassy Theatre 2010 by David Law.

We did misunderstand you, but you did say “I do feel that if you are going to Review the attractions for 2010 you should show a more varied taste”.

Which uses the word review (you even capitalised the R which suggests it’s important?). Since this page is not a review of Embassy shows we believed you were referring to the site as a whole (quite a lot of Embassy Theatre reviews: wife’s favourite Skegness attraction :-)) which of course are going to have a tendency to be reviews of theatre shows we enjoy.

Like my wife said this page is just a taste of what’s on at the Embassy in 2010 concentrating mostly on productions not seen at the Embassy Theatre previously (we won’t see all the shows listed above and will see others not listed). So it’s far from a comprehensive list of what’s on.

From what you’ve said the shows you see sound secure with lots of visitors, it’s the new productions that need the promotion, so Skegness visitors and residents know there’s something new at the Embassy in 2010. If no one goes they won’t be back in 2011 and that also risks your shows, remember ELDC have discussed the long term viability of the Embassy Theatre (it could close!!!). So many great shows my wife has seen where there’s only a couple of hundred seats filled, for example Shakespeare Abridged 37 Plays in 97 Minutes, though it’s about Shakespeare it’s a very, very funny show that anyone who enjoys a good laugh would enjoy and when my wife went to Shakespeare Abridged the theatre only had about 100 in the audience! I very much doubt with such a poor turn out they’ll be back in 2010 and I’d have really liked to see them :(

If you feel passionate about particular shows you’ve seen or plan to see and think they should be listed here, feel free to list them in a comment (that’s what the comments are here for).