Comment on What’s on at the Skegness Embassy Theatre 2010 by Skeggy Resident.

The Embassy Theatre What’s on Guide is only a sample of new shows that haven’t been to the Embassy before.

Most of the shows that I will NOT be seeing I included in my What’s on Guide, like the Eagles tribute band, Most Haunted Live, Strictly and Take That (they where popular when I was younger, but not my personal taste). The full spring/summer season hasn’t even been published yet.

Many of the shows you mentioned in your comment are acts and performances that come to the Embassy every year, I chose to concentrate mainly on new shows that are coming to the Embassy in 2010. Since most of the new shows are aimed at a more varied age range than what is usually on offer, I chose to introduce the Embassy to a new generation of potential theatre goers in the hope they will find something they would enjoy to go and see. And as you said the shows you’ve mentioned are already popular with your generation, so don’t really need help in bringing in a new audience to the Embassy.

The Embassy has to attract new theatre goers to survive and flourish and the future for the Embassy Theatre is in a younger generation.

By attracting shows with a more modern flavour the survival of the Embassy theatre will be assured for many years to come. The Embassy still has some way to go on attracting new theatre goers they need to branch out and get acts that they are maybe not used to attracting like break dancing groups like Diversity or unusual musical shows like Stomp and the Blue man group.

I don’t know what the strategy of the Embassy theatre is in getting in new performances, but I personally would be looking at what shows other Theatres around the country where showing and trying to book them for the following year.

We have for example been to see shows in Skegness that where brought here by the Lincolnshire Arts Council (Baghdaddies, Graffiti Classics and Strange face) all of the shows we saw were fantastic and I couldn’t help thinking why the Embassy Theatre hadn’t booked them to perform at the Embassy? all of these productions where capable of performing on a full sized stage.

How do you work that out that a holey positive article about new up coming shows in 2010 is an injustice to the Embassy!

I didn’t mention a lot of the shows like the soldiers simply because this article was written before their show had been published.

A lot of the older performances/performers who will be performing at the Embassy Theatre in 2010 are well before my time and I have no idea who they are, so if I had of included them in the article with no prier knowledge of them it would have been an injustice (as you put it) to include them.

It would be an injustice to comment on a show that I don’t know anything about. I would love to be able to see shows that are from your generation, I am renowned for giving shows a go that I’m not that sure I’ll like, Nutcracker ballet for one, but the cost alone would be stupidity for an hobby (this site).

I can’t help thinking that was an ill thought out jab by you!

I’m not a professional reviewer, I only review shows I’ve been to see and since I can not afford to go to every show, in all honesty and good conscience I will not write a review about a show I haven’t seen and I will not waste my money going to see them.

I started writing reviews particularly about the theatre because I couldn’t find useful reviews on many shows I was interested in seeing and when your looking at £50ish to see a show it meant I’m taking a gamble whenever I go to the theatre. I wanted other people like me, to be able to read an honest review from someone who has been in the audience one person to another, so they can make a decision based on an ordinary persons perspective instead of complicated drivel from a newspaper critique who may have ulterior motives, or the usual blurb you get from the producers of the shows that tells you nothing.

I commend the Embassy for branching out by getting a wide variety of shows for next year, for far to long the Embassy year after year have been show casing the same shows that are usually aimed at the older generation, young people have money to spend to :-), If the Embassy keeps up this approach and keep working hard then the Embassy is looking to becoming the best theatre in Lincolnshire providing top shows for everyone.

I did some research on other theatres in Lincolnshire and they are showing the same old shows they always show, only the Embassy has something to be proud of, I can get really excited about next year, the Embassy is doing a good job in 2010 bringing shows for youngsters, teenagers which is great, families and older people and I want everyone to know it. The Embassy shows in 2009 where good and much improved on 2008, but next year they are excellent.

Well done Embassy Theatre Staff.