Comment on What’s on at the Skegness Embassy Theatre 2010 by David Law.

Who is going to pay for the tickets to the Embassy Theatre for shows we aren’t that interested in?

We can only review shows we see and as we pay for every show we aren’t going to go to shows we won’t enjoy since this website is a hobby not a business (makes very little money, it’s made less than £50 since going live).

Yes, there are shows we might go to see (not exactly our taste, but worth a try) if the Embassy was free, but it isn’t free, so like you we go to the shows we really want to see (just like a visitor to Skegness might do).

Also we’d do both the Embassy and the producers of the shows a disservice if we did go to shows that’s not really our taste as the reviews would come from the perspective of someone who didn’t enjoy that type of show.

I enjoy rock music, classical music, some popular music, but I’m not a fan of brass bands (they are OK, but I wouldn’t pay to see one). I’d struggle to review a show that featured brass bands heavily, I could comment on how they sounded, but the music wouldn’t ‘move me’, I wouldn’t get the WOW from it like you might.

To suggest we only go to see children’s shows and rock bands shows you’ve not read all the reviews, these are the shows we’ve seen and reviewed:

Annie The Musical
Beauty And The Beast Ice Show
The Big Ballet
Chicago Blues Brothers
Chinese State Circus
Cirque De Glace Ice Show
Gotta Sing, Gotta Dance Musical
Peter Pan On Ice
Shakespeare 4 Kidz Macbeth
Shakespeare Abridged 37 Plays in 97 Minutes
Songs Of Sister Act
Spirit Of The Dance
That’ll Be The Day Christmas Special
Vampires Rock 2007
Vampires Rock 2008

There’s only one rock band we’ve seen so far (Vampire Rock) and it has a big following. The rest are pretty much general family entertainment like ice shows (three ice shows).

Seriously, as you say you are not interested in rock bands, so would you pay to see Vampires Rock next month at the Embassy even though you’d probably not enjoy it, just so you can write a review about it?

If you did see Vampires Rock do you think you could write a fair review when you don’t enjoy that type of music?