Comment on What’s on at the Skegness Embassy Theatre 2010 by Skeggy47.

I do feel that if you are going to Review the attractions for 2010 you should show a more varied taste, remember that there are all age groups who use the theatre, apart from Joseph which I most cirtainly be attending all the other attractions are iether for chrildren or are rock bands, you are doing the theatre a great injustice if you don’t mention other acts that will undoutable bring in much larger audiences than the ones who have mentioned.

In April Its the Solid Silver 60s shows 25 Aniversary show with the Swinging Blue jeans, The Troggs, Brian poole and Day Berry, this show is a big attraction. Also in April The Soldiers will be appearing and they have at the present just had a top selling single with coming home and a massive hit with there Album.

In July Jane McDonald will be appearing in a new show and tickets for this are already in demand, she has a massive following in Skegness, Also appearing in July is two of Strictly Dancings Professional dancers Brian Fontane and Kristine Rihanoff.

So please if your giving a review that visitors to this town may see please include all tastes and not just those of the reviewers