The Embassy Theatre seems to be a hot topic at the moment for East Lindsey District Council on improving the Skegness Theatre.

In a news article in the Skegness Standard it was reported, Since November last year, the Embassy Theatre has come under the spotlight at a series of meetings of a task-and-finish group set up by its owners, East Lindsey District Council.

discussions between councilors indicate some councillors would like to see the premises enlarged so as to attract stronger acts with wider appeal.

But this would require hefty investment, with a risk it might not be met by increased revenue from ticket sales

This got me thinking and has sparked my imagination as to what I would do with the Embassy if I was a millionaire (” I wish, but you can dream :-) ” )

I agree with the council in that it would be fantastic to make the Embassy Theatre bigger so it could attract bigger and more varied acts.

A commenter in the Skegness Standard said ” The shows and quality are spectacular. The Theatre is an ELDC success. I worry that any tampering may be a case of ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’.”

Although I agree wholeheartedly about the shows are spectacular I couldn’t disagree more with the worry of tampering with the theatre to improve it. I have noticed a lot of the Embassy’s shows particularly in summer are very cabrera and more for the older generation than the young, although at the moment this is fine there will come a time when my generation whom are not into old fashioned seaside cabrera will not be cattered for and these shows will have empty seats and given time if the line up doesn’t incorporating more diversity then the Embassy theatre will wither and die :-(

So if I was a millionaire :-) I would expand the Embassy theatre to be like the Trent FM Arena in Nottingham attracting singers like Lady Garga and big shows like cirque du soile and fantastic Musicals like The War of the Worlds that needs a large stage an a large back stage area.

The Embassy at the moment covers the middle ground just fine, in fact the Embassy is the best theatre throughout Lincolnshire and has some exceptional shows with Grimby’s Auditorium coming second with there line up of shows, but I would also go along the lines of a Coffee Bar like the Drill Theatre in Lincoln where smaller acts can perform like folk singers, poetry readings, puppet shows, small comedians and independent theatre and dance again catering to all ages but in a more relaxed environment and cheaper tickets than the big shows

The Drill also has lots of workshops for kids, families and adults and in a holiday town like Skegness this would be a great attraction

If I was a Millionaire I’d go one step further and include a Cinema in the Embassy, hey this is my fantasy I can do what ever I want :-)

I would also work with other theatres around the country and have a partnership scheme so people in Skegness could buy there tickets from the Embassy and see shows in other theatres around the country like Nottingham and even the West End, or set up a scheme with a bus company to take People from Skeg on a coach to go to other shows.

I know my fantasy Embassy Theatre might seem a bit extravagant, I’m one of those people who’s mind is always whirling and moving forwards as my mum used to call me a Fidget bum :-) and I like to think outside the box and think big.

There is so much scope for the Embassy and bigger would be better, as they say Build it and they will come :-), but you can’t forget to tell them the people about it. I think the Embassy could do a lot better in there advertising and promotion if they can get the advertising right nothing will be able to stop them.

Of Late the Embassy are doing well in the shows there attracting and I went to see Joseph and his amazing technicolor dream coat and who’s bad a Michael Jackson Tribute Band, both of the shows at the Embassy Theatre was full, but other show are lacking in visitor numbers to see them.

The Embassy can seat over 1,000 people, but I’d say on average each show attracts 500ish give or take. The Embassy needs to advertise wider a field for it’s upcoming shows like the rest of Lincolnshire, Nottingham, Sheffield, derby and Yorkshire for example as well as more promotion in Skegness they need to attract people out of the pub and into the theatre, you’d be surprised how many people have never been to the theatre let alone the Embassy.

I’ve noticed that although people are signed up for the Embassy on Twitter and Face book that very few people comment, the Embassy has to get people talking about the shows there are going to / have seen and tell people about these forms of communication to it’s visitors, run competitions for example get schools involved, ( the next generation is always the key for success).

The local newspaper isn’t doing it’s part for the Embassy there either an advert to early or to late for a show and there is never a follow up article reviewing the show.

Get pubs and night clubs to advertise the shows featuring at the Embassy by working with the pubs, lets say buy a ticket for a show get a free drink or similar.

I hope the Embassy dose get bigger and better, the future looks bright and exciting and I for one welcome innovative ideas for the Embassy.

If you have any ideas to improve the Embassy feel free to comment below.