Despite the bad behaviour of some teenagers in Skegness vandalizing the Skegness Sunshine play area, the Skegness Town Council have given the go ahead for the Sunshine Play Area to be expanded with play equipment designed for teens.

The new play equipment will be a little further down from the Skegness Sunshine Play Area, so in effect there will be two parks on the Skegness Waterway.

It’s hoped that the teens will stop vandalizing the kiddies equipment if they have equipment of there own to let off steam.

Older Kids in Skegness where consulted and the Sky Carver was at the top of there list, other play equipment for the teens Sunshine play area will be a metro high rotator and metro access spring.

It’s going to cost the council £18,000 to improve the Skegness Sunshine play area

This will be good for the town.

I don’t know if this will put an end to the vandalism, but lets hope so, lets hope the teens will see that for once they haven’t been forgotten by society and look after their park and stop ruining the Sunshine Play Area for little kids.