The Skegness SO Festival is to take place on the 22-24th July 2011

Nothing is Confirmed as yet, still to early.

Update: The Skegness SO Festival 2011 program of events have been announced:

Also see Skegness SO Festival 2011 What’s On.

We enjoyed the Skegness SO Festival 2010 and are looking forward to SO Festival 2011.

Last year Skegness SO Festival had Trans Express who where an amazing drumming high wire act that performed above the streets which was Awesome.

For the lights switch on Skegness saw Plasticeins Volants giant inflatable sea creatures move and performed above their heads a magical experience I will never forget.

The best time to Visit Skegness has to be for the SO Festival, if your planning on visiting Skegness for the SO Festival book early as thousands of people come to see the SO Festival.

Skegness SO Festival 2011