Comment on Skegness XSite Skate Park Review by Skeggy Resident.

XSite Skatepark said

“We charge £7 to non members for four hours of skating. Local football clubs charge £5 per session for 2 hours per week. Martial arts clubs charge similar for up to 2 hours per week, and their overheads are significantly lower than our own. Go to the arcades, Funfair, in fact anywhere else in Skegness which is not a council run facility and try to make £5 last longer (£7 for non members) in this town”.

There is no comparison between X-Site and martial arts, kids for their £5 for two hours are getting one to one professional teaching, their dan (martial arts teacher) would have spent years of their life training and got official certification to teach.

I think you will find the rates for fields and halls can be quite steep to higher weekly in different town for a handful of students (if your lucky).

I should know in my last town I ran a disco for local kids and have also been a member of a marching band in that same town, so I am fully aware of the costs for equipment and costs for halls etc…, not to mention some martial arts groups can run there own dojo which have much higher costs, so for your £5 you’re getting a lot.

I’ve also found most trainer’s either football or martial arts give a discount for more than one child attending.

To mention arcades or a funfair proves you have no understanding.
X-Site should not be competing in price with Fun fairs and arcades.

Fun fairs and arcades are not things families or kids do on a regular basis they are one off treats, and there over heads are far more than yours short and long term.

These attractions are one offs and have to charge accordingly, X-Site should be affordable weekly.

X-Site should have a higher purpose than profit, the health of the kid’s should be your main priority.

As a charity you should know that!