Comment on Skegness XSite Skate Park Review by David Law.

“Oh and a little about myself, I’m 22 working a minimum wage job and I can still afford to go several times a week. ”

If you are single and work 40 hours a week at minimum wage (£5.80 an hour) your take home pay will be ~£10,000 a year, of that £852 or ~8.5% of your income goes to X-site (reading several times to X-site a week as three sessions at £5 a sessions plus your membership cost).

You can’t argue that’s quite a high percentage of your income for skating.

Do you have a mortgage/significant rent to pay or do you still live with your parents?

Do you have any children?

Do you have other important costs that means you can’t spend lots of money on a facility like X-site?

We wrote this review (I did the membership costs section) from the perspective of a Skegness family wanting our three children to use X-site on a regular basis, (weekly would be nice) but the poorly thought out membership costs (that are supposed to benefit regular visitors like you**) make it unaffordable for Skegness families.

For the price you pay every year you should have unlimited access to X-site and that would make them more money as you’d still be buying soft drinks, food (I understand they make a nice pizza) etc… on the premises. I assume you’d love the option to call in any time you like for what you are paying now? Think about how that would improve your experience, others like you would go more often and generate more interest from non members wanting to be part of the skating community.

If our children wanted to go to X-site three times a week it would cost us a whopping £2,412 a year!!!

Yes you read it correctly, £2,412 a year!!!

If you had children on minimum wage (there are many families on low pay) could you afford to say take yourself and two children to X-site three times a week as you do now (about 1/4 of your income) and still be able to buy food, keep the heating on, keep your kids well clothed etc…?

As the review made it clear, it’s fine for Skegness holiday makers, they expect to have to pay high prices when on holiday for a one off visit and people like yourself (as my wife put it elite skaters) with few responsibilities (feel free to correct me on this one).

If skating is your thing, (good on you BTW, cool sport, wish I had the opportunity as a kid) what you get up for every morning and trudge of to your minimum wage job so three times a week you can afford to skate at X-site, then yes £852 a year (what you pay a year right now Andy) isn’t too bad. You are an adult, for something I love I’d pay that amount as well, but what about the children who can not afford it?

Remember this was meant to be a place built to give Skegness kids somewhere to skate, some would say “get them off the streets and out of trouble”, well at £852 a year for three 4 hour sessions a week it’s not going to get many poor teenagers off the streets and out of trouble!!!