Comment on Skegness XSite Skate Park Review by David Law.

““if X-site can’t make money from a popular activity then their doing something wrong. X-Site made a profit in 2009, so I think you don’t understand businesses taking advantage of a seaside holiday location.”
The above quote also makes no sense, Xsite either makes no money or it does? You say that if they cany make money from a popular activity then you state they made profit in 2009?????”

You’ve completely misunderstood the point, another commenter said X-site (skate-parks) are expensive to run and so don’t make much money, hence the high prices. In the Skegness Standard there’s an article that X-site actually made bumper profits in 2009 and so that commenter was apparently wrong.

X-Site has charitable status and so should not be all about profits, the whole point of the tax payer funding charities is so they do charitable work, not only make a profit!

Don’t get me wrong, it’s OK for X-site to make reasonable profits, but with their current prices they appear to be making that profit by charging high prices not attracting more visitors to use the facilities (that should be their goal).

I never understand how some businesses (I run a business) don’t appreciate there’s a point where their prices are too high and the extra profits they make directly from the high prices is partially lost through chasing away potential customers. You have to get the prices just right to fill a facility. If X-site kept it’s prices at a reasonable level for regulars by offering attractive membership rates they’d have had three local teenagers almost every weekend, but they are too expensive for families to use on a regular basis.

Seriously how many families do you know that can afford to pay £852 a year so their 3 kids can skate for just 4 hours once a week?

For that sort of price local kids should have something like unlimited access to X-site, not one 4 hour session a week!

If we sent our kids to X-site they’d miss out on going to two or three other activities, since the membership prices are a rip off, we spend out money elsewhere in Skegness.