Comment on Skegness XSite Skate Park Review by Andy.

1. It is a very large building with high powered lights which will make it expensive on its own without looking into other costs.

2. You make comparisons to Bottons. Skateparks appeal to a lot smaller market than what Bottons do. Im sure they can easilly afford there expenses with millions to spare. Comparing the two is idiotic.

3. As for your complaint about tuition. Rollerblading is a dying sport and there are not many decent rollerbladers in our local area. On a busy day at the park you may only see a handful of rollerbladers, non of which I would put in charge of beginners.

4 I do admit I got the wrong price, a four hour session will cost £12 not £16 (because you HAVE to be a member). Which to be fair is still £5 more than X- Site. Also you are forgetting that X- Site has an outdoor plaza which doubles the size of the park. The works has recently changed and has had a lot of the park taken out. The parks are now very similar in size.

Oh and a little about myself, I’m 22 working a minimum wage job and I can still afford to go several times a week.