Comment on Skegness XSite Skate Park Review by Skeggy Resident.

A commenter below Scooby Doo says the Works is 4x bigger than X-Site, so it’s not directly comparable in size to X-site as you state.

In my review I already commented that the X-Site staff will see to any problems that are brought to their attention, but this isn’t the same as adult supervision at what can be a quite dangerous sport.

Try to remember it’s not just teens with years of skating experience that are using X-Site, but little kids as well since there is no age limit. So your comment “Your children should be competent enough not to have there hand held all the time” is ridiculous, parents are going to want to be there while their children first learn to use the facilities, which can be dangerous for inexperienced skaters.

Don’t make assumptions about my kids, they are all teenagers now so can take care of themselves. However, remember when a review is written for an attraction sometimes you have to take into account other people like those with primary aged kids using X-Site in hope to introduce their children to skating.

You said “there isn’t anywhere for non skaters to go because it isn’t designed for non skaters (like yourself)”. First off I can and do skate as a leisure activity on X-Sites car park, never assume, it’s bad for an argument.

“there isn’t anywhere for non skaters to go because it isn’t designed for non skaters” this is interesting and is one of the reasons X-Site is not a good Skegness attraction, it definitely comes across as elitist with a comment like that!

How are the kids in Skegness going to learn to use X-Site if you already need to know how to use the equipment? We all start off as non-skaters, where are they to learn safely and legally?

Also you compared X-Site to the Works and they do have facilities for non/beginner skaters, I looked it up.

I don’t have a problem with street skating, I do it myself, I have a problem with a purpose built skateparks that should be available to all, not just a few with ample money to spare: three teenagers, add up the costs of regular use of X-site by a Skegness family! Please re-read my review, you will see my problems with X-Site is mainly ethical, it should be more important to have kids exercising than profit (they have charitable status).

Yes X-Site has indoor and outdoor facilities, but kids don’t care about state of the art, they just want a chance to skate and their parents NEED it to be affordable and right now it’s far from affordable.