Comment on Skegness XSite Skate Park Review by Scooby Doo.

Ok. I’m going to pick apart and destroy the first post by Andy on the 23rd of September, because the world needs a little less stupidity in it.

First about me.

I’m an 19 year old who likes skateboarding and the such. I’m not someone looking for ‘a cheap day care center for you to drop your kids off.’ (Protip: It’s easier and cheaper to write ‘Jackass’ on your forehead to get the point across). I’m the target audience, a skateboarder, the exact populous you stated the X-Site was created for.

1: They are extremely expensive to run

Were exactly are these costs coming from? You have rent/business rates….. which every other attraction, correction, every other cheaper attraction has. You have to build the stuff….. which you get funding by the Lotto, government etc etc. You have basic electric, water…. which is effectively a few lights, and a changing room, (This is a pittance if you look at the electricity used in other attractions, for instance Bottons). And you have staff…. 2 people you pay minimum wage (If it’s higher then minimum, not my fault they are hiring in the family). I’m failing to see the huge expenses, since the ramps there seem to be old, sturdy, built to last and never replaced.

2: Don’t gain much income

Rule 1 in business: The customer don’t give a **** about your failing business plan. Skateparks are universally a ‘cool’ thing that 99% of kids love to try. If you are not getting the business you require, its a problem on your end. Maybe one issue is….

3: It was made to give skateboarders a place to go.

There are two problems with this statement. Firstly, skateboarders are generally of the younger generation, which as a rule, generally have far less cash to spend due to lack of employment. If anything high prices hurts them more then someone looking for ‘a cheap day care center for you to drop your kids off.’ (Still says ‘Jackass’ when I read that.) Secondly, this kind of elitism hurts both business and skateboarders in the making and is evident when I first looked up the X-Site. I’ve been Inlining for around about 8 years, however had never tried things like ramps before. I was told a certain time was beginners session, and I assumed there would be a teacher of some kind. When I asked about training, I was told ‘We are still looking for someone who can come in every week’. AKA ‘We want a gullible teenager to do it for free.’. This and your above statement not only don’t help beginners, but deters all but the most dedicated (I eventually taught myself).

4: To be fair their prices are very reasonable compared to most purpose built facilities. A good example of this is The works skatepark in Leeds were you will pay £16 per session.

Firstly, your prices are wrong. It is £16 for an entire day (6 – 10 hours), not a 4 hour session like X-Site offer. This is an example of twisting the truth, more commonly referred to as a big fat lie.

Secondly. Check ‘The Works’ facilities. you could fit X-site 4 times into that. Their higher price is due to the fact that their park is 4 times as big and includes FAR more facilities added into the price. If their park was a Porsche, X-Site barely counts as a banged up mini.

All in all, the park is over priced for what you get. The old pricing was pushing it. Now it isn’t value for money.

Also, since I always give references:

The above comment has been debunked courtesy of Scooby Doo, debunking idiots since 1990.