Comment on Skegness XSite Skate Park Review by Nicholas.

Firstly I think that the comments made are a bit harsh, what you need to realise is that the skatepark has taken many years of hard work to develop, without the hard work of certain individuals the facility wouldnt even be there!!! Lincolnshire Extreme Sports Association has been recognised for its achievements and X-Site Skatepark has held many events including, 2 years running, the UKSA British Championships.
whether your opinion is good or bad, it has been proved that the facility is needed, just because a few photos show people street skating (to be honest David Law, you shouldnt be taking photos of people without there consent!!!,I could possibly be one of those skating that day.)

“if X-site can’t make money from a popular activity then their doing something wrong. X-Site made a profit in 2009, so I think you don’t understand businesses taking advantage of a seaside holiday location.”
The above quote also makes no sense, Xsite either makes no money or it does? You say that if they cany make money from a popular activity then you state they made profit in 2009?????
I also know that the profits dont pay for any big wig to go on holiday during winter months, it goes back into the park, they have just had new ramps and alterations made with some of that money, I was told that by someone who knows.
You also go on to mention the cost, first of all, the facility is not revenue funded by anyone, it has to be self sustainable and if it doesnt make money it closes! the same as any business, anywhere in the world.

“ukskatepark Stockport-Entrance fee
£3 for 1 hour
£4 for 2 hours
£5 for 3 hours
£2 for each extra Hour over 3hrs
£10 all day ticket
Non Members: additional £2.50 day membership, £1.50 if you stay 1 hour
IMPORTANT PART: Annual membership is £15

Have you really taken any notice of what you are saying here, Ukskatepark charges are no different, At the most Xsite charge £7.00 per session which on average last 4 hours, if you wanted to skate in Stockport it would cost for the same amount of time, £5 for 3 hours, £2 for each extra Hour over 3hrs = £7.00. Plus the day membership of £2.50 = £9.50 for your four hour session.
I think it is pretty obvious that you are just complaining because its not free. I agree that there are many skateparks in the country that are either free or cheaper but I can assure you that most of them, you wouldnt leave you son or daughter at them alone, that comes from over 20 years of skateboarding, baring in mind when I grew up in Skegness we had to travel everywhere which was far more expensive.
To finish for now because I could go on for the rest of the day, I also know that Xsite do discounted sessions after school for all school children, I think its about £3.50 including the equipment you need, i think thats pretty good!! I use the skatepark and I also street skate, that will continue regardless.