Comment on Skegness XSite Skate Park Review by Andy.

I can see that you have found cheaper facilities in the UK but they don’t offer the same as what X-site does. X- Site is one of the biggest and best built UK parks and is the only one that offers both an indoor and an outdoor facility. I compared x- sites prices to the works because they are similar in size (even though the works doesn’t have anything outdoor).

You complain that there isn’t sufficient adult supervision provided, this is where my “day care” comment comes in. If someone is hurt, it will get reported and a member of staff will deal with it. What other supervision do they need? Your children should be competent enough not to have there hand held all the time. Also, there isn’t anywhere for non skaters to go because it isn’t designed for non skaters (like yourself).

As for people skating the streets. That will always happen. I occasionally skate street myself. Not because of a lack of facilities, just because that’s how i started.