The Skegness Sunshine Kiddies Play area can be found to the side of the Pier Field on the Skegness waterway

Skegness Sunshine Play Area

The Sunshine play area is a new play ground for kids aged 3-14 years old, it’s bright colourful and a lovely modern park for the kids to let off some steam, it is the best free play ground in Skegness :-)

The Sunshine play area has a range of play equipment for the little ones there’s: Animal Rockers, Climbing Box and little Slide, games and the Cargo Net Swing.

For older kids there is: Bungee Swing, Climbing Tower and Slide, Zip Line and a Cargo Net Swing.

There has been some vandalism on the park with broken glass and the play equipment being damaged. The glass is cleared up quiet quickly by the Skegness Town Council each morning, but there has been complaints by holiday makers about teenagers using the park irresponsibly and making them feel intimidated by their presence.

The best time to use the Sunshine play area is during school hours as like any park in the UK teenagers dominate the park in the evenings, so the best time to avoid teens is in the day.

The Skegness Sunshine Play park is a lovely park for kids to play there’s plenty of seats for parents or a little play on the equipment with the kids :-) the floor has soft safety matting and is brightly coloured, definitely a must visit when in Skegness with the kids.

Skegness Attractions Star Rating for Sunshine Play Area 8/10