The Skegness So Festival Booklet is available now, so you can plan your three days during the Skegness SO Festival

You can get a hard copy from the Skegness Tourist Information Office or view it online at the official SO Festival Website.

From what I’ve seen it’s looking good, I’m excited about this years SO Festival and from what I can see so far, looks like the SO Festival 2011 will be better than SO 2010.

Some great and unusual acts are going to be showcased at the SO Festival this year, lots of things to keep everyone happy whether your young, old, or in between

Giant Gorillas, crazy Grannies and weird Tango Dancers are all guaranteed to bring you an unforgettable experience in Skegness.

Soak up some Culture in Skegness during the SO Festival, it’s is the only place to be on July 22 – 24th 2011