OK this is not the official name but the SO Festival has failed to give this event one.

Chill out on the last day of the Skegness SO Festival 2011 with some music on Tower Gardens.

Local musician will perform on Sunday 24th July to entertain SO Festival crowds and finish the SO Festival in Style.

OK the SO Festival might not be closing with a big bang, celebrity or dazzle but this is an alright way in my book to end three days of theatre, music, art and culture. Maybe in a few years time this small ending to the SO Festival will become a much bigger event in future SO Festivals.

Maybe one day the SO Festival will spread and Skegness will get Robbie Williams to close the SO Festival like Robbie switched on the Blackpool illuminations in 2010 or we have an cultural music fiesta on the park, the SO Festival is still in it’s infancy with only three years under their belts.

Last year for SO 2010 listening to bands on the park was a good way to relax and unwind after two days of fun mayhem of the SO Festival, even when it started to spot with rain last year people were having so much fun they stayed put and carried on enjoying the music.

In 2010 the bands where all young and modern, I hope this is the same for the SO Festival 2011.

Skegness can be a bit too stuck in it’s ways at times and the old folks tend to get the majority of music that features throughout the year on Tower Gardens, so lets hope the SO Festival continues the trend from last year of bringing music for today’s youngsters rather than another silver band :)

I’m not a fan of brass band and I think we see too many of them in Skegness when there are so many other art forms and music styles out there to explore like native American music, weird groups like the Baghdaddies or funny performers like the Graffiti Classics that would be good for both young and old to enjoy together.

Lets hope the SO Festival keeps it feet firmly on the ground and doesn’t buckle to the older generation, I doubt they will since the SO Festival is an art and culture festival focusing on the modern and quirky, which is why I like it so much, suits me down to a tee :)

Chilling out on Tower Gardens was a big hit with the public during the SO Festival in 2010 with Tower Gardens field in front of the band stand teaming with families enjoying the last day of the festival, it’s one of the fullest I’ve ever seen Tower Gardens, we don’t get that many people who watch a brass band when there on, so it was nice too see people of all generations coming together to listen to some good music.

I definitely recommend heading down to Tower Gardens and relaxing with a picnic while hearing some good music from bands that one day you could be hearing on the radio.

Skegness SO Festival 2011