Comment on Skegness SO Festival 2013 by Skeggy Resident.

This negative approach also runs the risk of irritating the organisations that fund the SO Festival, what if the Arts Council etc… decide they don’t want to be associated with SO in 2013 because of the stink this is generating? I can see it now, a group that funds SO this year is looking at their dwindling pot of money next year deciding what to promote and this is a perfect excuse to pull funding without looking bad!

Then there’s advertising associated with SO, what business will want to be associated with a negative ad campaign? When SO are looking for advertisers in the SO booklets etc… they might find some don’t want to be associated with SO.

Really dumb idea, way too risky, those involved with the negative ads should appologise to the respective towns ASAP.

Time will tell, will we see more visitors to SO this year, will organisations pull funding next year….

David (Facebook Comment)