Comment on Skegness SO Festival 2013 by Skeggy Resident.

Why make enemies of other resorts when you can make friends and offer complimentary advertising for each other etc…? It’s easy to generate negative media, what’s next go to seaside resorts and graffiti the SO symbol on their attractions for some easy publicity! It’s cheap and shows a lack of imagination of those involved.

You’ve pissed off two resorts and for what, short term negative media attention (Look North’s report was negative towards Skeg, not SO for example and they are local) that will be quickly forgotten, but the bad feelings could linger for years.

You’ve also opened the flood gates to unadulterated criticism of Skegness because you started it. You’ve taken the gloves off by slating other resorts in an official capacity as a District Councilor and part of SO, do you really think Brighton and Blackpool won’t retaliate?

Then there’s risks of loosing funding or even acts. How difficult would it be for the better resorts who also employ acts like Granny Turismo much more often than Skeg could (we only have ONE event a year) to suggest to acts that participate in SO they won’t be welcome in Blackpool/Brighton in future events. If I organised events in Blackpool/Brighton that’s what I’d do, take the acts away from next years SO even if it meant hiring the acts to take them away from SO.

Those involved are a bunch of idiots and shows how desperate you are to generate media attention.

David (Facebook Comment)