Comment on Skegness SO Festival 2013 by Skeggy Resident.

I hope we can see more events like Opera on the Beach this year, I doubt the 500 or so people who attended early for the actual Opera would be enough to warrant the expense of a big screen, but by the time the fireworks went up there was at least 2,000 people on the beach and it was only a 4-5 minute fireworks display.

Had the entertainment being aimed at the sort of stuff Skegness visitors like (up to date music for example) I’m sure there would have been thousands on the beach all night. Recall SO 2009 and Terra folk + World Famous for the fire show the beach was buzzing with thousands (think the estimates was 8,000 on the beach?).

Come on Skegness give us a full program of events during summer.

David (Facebook Comment)