Comment on Skegness SO Festival 2013 by Skeggy Resident.

The SO festival stands for the Skegness Organisers it was set up for the promotion of Skegness, I didn’t say anything about market towns not having what we have here in Skeg, it’s the council you should be asking questions to since they’ve been lazy by including market town in SO and not giving you an event of your own.

There are plenty of organisations out there who promote towns in the countryside. If Skegs economy takes a slump it effects everyone in ELDC area, I wouldn’t expect to have an event shared with Skeg that had been set up for Spilsby’s survival. I pay taxes but I don’t expect Mablethorpe’s Bathing Beauties festival to come to Skeg, it would defeat the purpose and would damage Mablethorpe by diluting their event.

Marie (Facebook Comment)