Comment on Skegness SO Festival 2013 by Skeggy Resident.

How is a 4 hour period a precise time?

Like I said I’m disabled, can’t hang around Skegness for 4 hours hoping an act walks by or aimlessly wander around Skeg in the hope I stumble on one of them by chance.

In 2011 the information included precise times, they weren’t perfect which is to be expected, stuff happens that delays things etc… (if I recall correctly the Gorrilas had to be cancelled, stuck in traffic). In comparison 2012 the printed information was so vague it was a big step backwards. Last year could head down to say Tower Gardens 10 mins in advance of something I wanted to see, watch it, head home for a rest or something to eat before heading back down 10 mins before the next act I wanted to see. Last year managed to view the majority of what I wanted to see, this year missed most of it because I can’t hang around Skeg for 4 hours.

SO was spread over multiple locations in Skegness X-site, Tower Gardens, Beach and Tower Esplanade I would like to know how without a reasonably precise time and locations (like Granny Tursimo 11am-11:30am Tower Gardens) are visitor supposed to know where to be at a particular time? I still don’t know how many time Granny Turismo for example performed in Skeg.

The organisation this time was poor.

So can we all agree there wasn’t a program with precise times like we had in 2011?

David (Facebook Comment)