Comment on Skegness SO Festival 2013 by Skeggy Resident.

To anyone who has this information with precise locations and times PROVE it.

Skegness locations and times for the SMALL acts and where this information was publicly available in advance.

Granny Turismo
Man in a Box
Bruce Airhead
Hot Dinners
The Pig
The Birds
Every small act that visited Skeg…

If this information was available in advance how and where did you find it because the best we found was Skegness 10am-2:30pm?

Oh wait, that information wasn’t available so I’ll wait for more childish comments from the likes of John Byford. Feel sorry for you John if you find holding hands an issue to comment on, maybe you should buy a puppy to bring a smile to that ugly mug of yours :-)

LOL I see you are already blaming the weather John, SO much for the SO Negative AD Campaign that you put SO much faith in, that was SOpposed to fill Skegness with SO many tourists, that’s SO typical and SO amusing :-) I think I’ll call this my ode to SO.

David (Facebook Comment)