Comment on Skegness SO Festival 2013 by Skeggy Resident.

In 2011 the printed SO Festival programme though hard to follow did include specific times for shows and roughly where they would be which made it possible to plan your days. It wasn’t perfect, but was workable.

2012 printed programme the times for small shows were 10:30am – 2:30pm and no specific locations, which meant to catch a specific small show you’d have to be in Skegness at the right place and time for 4 hours!

I have a disability which means I can’t spend 4 hours wandering around Skegness hoping to stumble upon a show, I target my times out to see what is on.

2011 managed to see most of the small shows that looked interesting.
2012 managed to miss almost all of the small shows that looked interesting because I couldn’t plan my times!

Was also harder to catch a specific show this year in Skeg because SO was spread out over Lincolnshire meaning where in 2011 the small shows were repeated over the festival, this year many were in Skeg once (I assume, the program wasn’t clear). BTW I thought SO stood for Skegness Organisers not Lincolnshire Organisers, real shame spreading it so thin across Lincolnshire. Would be interested to hear about the turn out in other SO locations??

Basically only caught the larger events because they were the only ones I could be sure of times.

Organisation this year, massive let down, very disappointed.

What I watched I generally enjoyed, particularly liked The Strongman and the World Tipped : ignored the OVER THE TOP WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE A HORRIBLE DEATH MESSAGE and enjoyed the visual experience which was cool :-)

David (Facebook Comment)