Comment on Skegness SO Festival 2013 by Skeggy Resident.

Skegness SO Festival 2012 wasn’t as good as previous years, I think they spread themselves to thin including small villages in the SO budget which means Skeg missed out, there wasn’t enough to do, way to many hours just stood. I think they moved backwards in its progress in 2012 which is a shame.

We missed all of the smaller acts this year :-( didn’t know the times they where on, between 10.30am and 2.30pm doesn’t help, missed festival stage acts I would have liked to have seen (again no times or details of what was on), the pig never even came to Skeg and to many of the acts were repeated from last year?

More side attraction like Levity, fun fair games or workshops would have helped (previous workshops we’ve enjoyed are ceilidh dancing, Eliot Morris and Circus Skills) there wasn’t anything this year the fringe events really suffered :-(, I think that would have helped keep my teen entertained more and me for that matter between dry spells and would have stopped us from going and staying home.

Have to agree with everything Gina Hammond said, local kids missed out and next year the SO is on from the 28th June – 7th July nowhere near the holidays?

Saying all this though there is always something to get out of SO, I love art and culture, I didn’t see as much as I would have liked and I miss so much, but the things I did see were great, I went on a dream walk which was ok, watched Strongman which was brilliant (glad it didn’t get the audiences in Tattersall and was brought to Skeg instead :-)), Liked as the World Tipped and the Opera on the beach with fireworks finale was a nice and relaxing experience, a good way to finish the SO festival off.

So even with the negatives there are some positives, all in all it was OK, not overly exciting this year but alright. I would add people who didn’t like SO for what ever reason should be listened to, these are the people whose views and experiences should be used in making SO a better event, their input is vital.

Marie (Facebook Comment)