Skegness SO Festival 2011 will see the return of the pyrotechnic group World Famous who will bring a spectacular show to the SO Festival crowds of fire, fireworks and music on the Friday 22nd July.

World Famous came to Skegness in 2009 with their show Full Circle and performed along side band Terra Folk So Festival goers were dazzled by huge fire sculptures and amazing firework display, something I will never forget.

This year for the SO Festival 2011 World Famous will perform a fireworks display told around a story with music.

‘World Famous performance, All Hands, explores collective endeavor, impermanence and change, and the power of connection will combine fire, fireworks and music in a spectacular and moving visual journey.’

World Famous was a fantastic experience during the SO Festival in 2009 and we are looking forward to seeing them again.

World Famous will not be performing at the Skegness SO Festival with a band Terrafolk like in 2009, All Hands is a brand new show, one thing is for sure World Famous performing in Skegness is a good reason to come and experience the SO Festival 2011.

I enjoyed the music by Terra Folk it wasn’t to every one’s liking a lot of old people complained LOL :), I found it to be different and fresh.

I hope the music that will be performed during the World Famous All Hands performance will be as original and striking as it was during the 2009 SO Festival.

We were right at the front when we saw Terra Folk and World Famous perform and we got covered in kerosene from the fire fountains :)

Favourite song of the night was the scary version to ‘You are my Sunshine’ there was this girl behind us who when this was played gave a little scream and was freaked out :)


Skegness SO Festival 2011